Posted: May 2, 2011 in May 2011

I own a camera. I take pretty pictures with that camera. People say they enjoy my pictures and we laugh together at the memories years later.

There are these group of people called photographers who do what I do. They walk around with a strap around their neck snapping pictures. Taking moments in time and making them last forever.

They’re playing God which is sick. A second should last only that much. Freezing time is not what man was made to do. If you are a photographer then you are going straight to hell in a hand basket. Or a hot air balloon. I’m not sure which travels quicker. Handbaskets sound slow.

I like to find people’s collections of photography on the Internet. I like to look at those pictures and be confused as to why they’re any good.

Beauty is in the motion of every day life, not the flash from the lense of a camera.

If you have a collection of photography good for you. I applaud your childish dreams of taking still images for calendars and computer backgrounds. Maybe you’ll accidentally get a picture of a ghost or yourself blowing someone. You never know. Just keep at your dream you go-getter. Without your hardwork and determination we wouldn’t have yearbooks, newspapers, or anything else that would immediately be burnt in times of desperation. Thank you for your hardwork. Maybe one day you can climb the ladder of success and take pictures of dead bodies.

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