Political Biases

Posted: May 14, 2011 in May 2011

It’s not a good idea to say you wouldn’t date someone because of their political beliefs. It’s not a good idea to say you wouldn’t date someone for any real reason at all. Unless of course you just plain don’t like Chinese people. Then you can draw the line there.

No political party is right or wrong. Or they’re all right. Or they’re all wrong. I really don’t know. It seems like I don’t know very much, especially when it comes to politics. I know Newt Gingrich is one of them. That’s about where I stop paying attention.

I would date a Republican. I would date a Democrat. I would date an Anarchist, in a funny hat. A person’s political beliefs shouldn’t get in the way of a chance at happiness. I used to hate anyone I found out was a Republican. So I began to talk more to Democrats about their beliefs. I don’t talk to Democrats anymore. It got redundant to hear “asshole” and “George Bush” in the same sentence for 8 years. He won fair and illegally. Get over it.

If it came down to it and I could create my perfect woman to every detail, I would make her political affiliation be that of the Whig party. That way she would get frustrated every November and start a fist fight at the polls because she doesn’t feel she is being represented. She’d be carded off to prison and I could create a new perfect woman. This would give me a chance to perfect her more and more every year. I’d never get too attached and could always mix things up a bit.

The best form of government is definitely a dictatorship. One man in charge telling you what to think. It’s beautiful really. You never have to do brain hurting activities like thinking anymore. On top of that, time will fly by! Once the dictator dies you’ll turn to your family and say “Has it been 52 years already?” Dictators live a long time. I think they must be parrots or something.

  1. The Hobbler says:

    Are you afraid of getting attached?

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