Bad Thoughts

Posted: May 15, 2011 in May 2011

I have a lot of bad thoughts. Not so much evil as they are inappropriate.

Whenever tragedy strikes my mind goes to the gutter. I was looking at a picture from a girl who was killed. The picture that was included in the article was of three girls hugging. The shot was from behind. You could see all of their asses. The one on the left had a really nice one. I mean, plump. It was the kind of ass you’d want to spank til it bled. I would motorboat that ass after she took a shit. It was that nice.

This wasn’t the first of these thoughts.

I remember watching footage from the Columbine shooting. There was a crying girl and I thought “Wow she’s hot.” It was bad timing. Any other moment in her life I would be a normal guy. Instead I’m sick. I couldn’t resist my primal urges to want to kiss a girl who saw her classmates get killed. Maybe I just want to comfort her and I’m not a bad person after all. I can tell myself that all I want. Truth is, that isn’t the truth.

Through all of the tragedies in life it’s still nice to know that perfect asses still exist. It makes me live without fear. I never know when I may see one of these asses in person. It’s one of the things that makes life so beautiful.

  1. The Hobbler says:

    You are kind of sick and twisted, but I have a blog specifically for being bad. I write porn. Maybe we were meant to find eachother. Honestly though, I think that a lot of us have thoughts like that, most people just don’t talk about it.

    • Mooselicker says:

      I’m not sure what my bad thoughts I even wrote about here were. I’m going to have to read. I have way too many. Each day could have a post about bad thoughts.

  2. The Hobbler says:

    Do you have your comment moderator on? I posted a reply and it doesn’t show up…that is okay, I like sneaking around, I was just wondering.

  3. The Hobbler says:

    Sorry about your nosy woman. Okay, I saw your comment on my about page, and I think it made me a little…rhymes with bet. I always wanted a stalker, but you can’t stalk that blog. It has a censor. The blog is the one that is free from moderation. You should also know that I am already feeling a little too comfortable with you, so if I say anything too crazy, let me know. You also know that I am married, with kids, just bored sometimes, and I’m into word porn right? Just giving you full disclosure here…

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