Posted: May 19, 2011 in May 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about tits lately. I’m not sure why. I can’t seem to stop thinking about boobs, breasts, ta-ta’s, melons, suckables, bouncers, Mt. Everest x2, The Gemini Twins, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and cans.

A theory I have is that I look at a lot more ass. It’s easy to look at ass. You don’t have sad puppy dog eyes looking back at you with a ‘Stop it!’ face. When you look at a woman’s breasts she usually knows. When I find out she knows I look more closely. I’ve already been had. I want to make the most of my capture.

You can only ever look at tits for a short period of time. That’s why we love them so much. It’s rare we get to gaze eye to nipple for a long period of time before being slapped. With asses it’s different. We can watch an ass do the worm for hours or however long we walk behind her bang into a trash can and give ourselves away. Asses are still fun to look at, don’t get me wrong. I look at several a day.

No matter what a woman says, I am convinced that she doesn’t really care that she is having her cans eyeballed. It’s flattering. It’s a guy’s way of saying “You have fleshy fat on your chest that I want to see!” At least, that’s what I’m trying to say when I look at them.

  1. The Hobbler says:

    I think you are right “she doesn’t really care that she is having her cans eyeballed”. For the most part. It is good to pretend that you can hear what she is saying while you stare though.

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