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I have returned to blogging. Not because I enjoy it, no. Because two people mentioned that they read my blog and missed it. Maybe missing it isn’t the right way to phrase this. It was more of a reaction if you find out someone that leant you a pencil in high school had died. You think, “Shit, that could have been me. What if I had decided to return their pencil that same day they caught cancer. Damn it.” It was that kind.

If you’re curious my blog stopped it’s because my neighbors wised up and blocked me from stealing their Internet. They changed their WiFi name to “Can’t Hack My Wifi” which tempted me to get my own home Internet access for the lone purpose of naming mine “I Just Did Bitch.” Now I’m nervous that they saw everything I had searched for online. I didn’t look up anything too risqué out of respect.

But for now, I will update this as often as I can. I’m having difficulty writing anything new outside of blogging and this is my outlet until an idea pops in my head. Enjoy!

  1. The Hobbler says:

    I was just about to ask what happened from May until now. Okay Moose, welcome to the night stalk. I have insomnia a lot. I took a sleeping pill, but it hasn’t kicked in yet, so here I am. If I ever write something crazy in the middle of the night, it would probably be because I took my meds, but wasn’t smart enough to stop blogging. It will sound like I’m drunk.
    But if I’m not med drunk, I sometimes go to the blogs I stalk and tell you sweet dreams. Sometimes I talk about great authors who have been led by their dreams to write what they are famous for now. Steven King gets a lot of his book ideas from dreams. Anyway, this comment is running long, so sweet dreams Moose. Hope to see you tomorrow.

    • Mooselicker says:

      You took the scenic route here to say “I’m bored”

      • The Hobbler says:

        I was just thinking about you.

      • The Hobbler says:

        By the way, I’m not bored, you are one of the few blogs that I occasionally stalk in the middle of the night. It’s part of my deluxe service pack. You didn’t order the “stalk lite” version, right? I thought you wanted the whole package.

      • Mooselicker says:

        I got your whole package right here!

        Imagine that being said in a dirty southern voice then grabbing my crotch.

      • The Hobbler says:

        I already was…

      • The Hobbler says:

        I don’t know about the southern voice though…

        It’s funny, I’m here, on your blog thinking about your package, and I notice the tv is talking about an elephant’s penis. Something about it having the ability to turn or whatever.
        Then it started in on lions…”that’s right, it has spikes on its penis”…something about domination I think.
        Now there is this mouse looking thing that only gets a couple week mating season, so it goes crazy fucking all the girls, and doesn’t eat. When the season is over, it drops dead.
        Now there are all these monkeys humping. Girls on girls, males, kids on parents…okay, that’s just wrong.
        We’re on to fish…

        This is NatGeo wild, or “the animal porn” channel. Actually, it’s weird week, and this must be weird mating rituals. Anyway, I thought you’d appreciate that. 😉

      • Mooselicker says:

        This makes me think I’m half elephant, half lion, and whatever is left mouse.

      • Ex-Hobbler says:

        Interesting. Now, how am I supposed to picture that…I’ll have to think about it for a while.

        Seriously, don’t forget to eat in between fucking people.

      • Ex-Hobbler says:

        Okay, so I thought a little about it…huge, dominating and horny right?

      • Mooselicker says:

        Right now? When am I not?

      • Ex-Hobbler says:

        That is good right? It feels like it should be good…

      • Ex-Hobbler says:

        You need to go to the bad blog Moose. I’m ditching that one…

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