Posted: August 27, 2011 in August 2011
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We all have at one point had parents. Some of us for only a second before we were handed over to the orphanage or thrown off a cliff into the ocean. My guess is if you fall into the second category (no pun intended) that you are unable to read this due to the unfortunate event of smashing your face into a rock.

The worst parent in the world we can probably say right now is Casey Anthony. We all know that she somehow was involved in the death of her daughter. The problem is that it’s too hard to prove exactly how, thus, making her not guilty. By covering up the death it made her look all that much worse. There is always a chance that the child could have been saved, but out of fear she chose not to report it. ANY parent who lets their child die is a bad parent. No matter what the circumstances. When a person becomes a parent their job is to nurture and protect ALL of their children. That’s what a parents job is and Casey Anthony didn’t do that.

Some parents are on the opposite side of Casey Anthony. Let’s take God for instance. He had a son named Jesus who he let die. But that was different. God sacrificed his only son for all of mankind. For the rest of his children. Okay, that’s fine. Sacrifice one for the good of the rest. But you know what? The rest of God’s children all die too. Every single one of us die no matter what. God created the universe and he chose for all of his children to die. He only gives us about 75 years of living too. Not very much when you look at aspect ratios, which, I do. But then we get to join him in Heaven if we followed all of daddy’s rules. We did our chores and weren’t fooled by all the other parents trying to convince us that their ways are best. We capitalize “His” name even when it’s a preposition out of respect because he’s our dad. Yet we all still die and the world is full of murder and disease. Maybe those nutty doctors are right. Children cannot be raised by only a father.

I know that Jesus died for man’s sins, but couldn’t God just bend the rules on sins and let his ONLY son live? God created EVERYTHING! He can change the rules slightly to let his son have a little bit of a longer life. It doesn’t seem fair. God dumps his son off with another couple and then when Jesus is old enough God has him killed. That sounds like a great STORY that would last forever and be remade into Star Wars.

If you’re an expecting parent, remember, your children are now the most important thing in your life. Whether you want them or not, it’s your job to protect them and give them everything you have. Make them feel safe. Give them a happy life. Don’t let any harm happen to them. If you do choose to let it happen though say that it was to save someone else. People may actually start worshipping you.

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