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Not many people like transgendered civilians. The problem is, most people don’t get what transgender civilians go through. It’s rough for them. Living in the wrong body. Whenever they try to pluralize their group named (transgenders comes up with a red line under it) it comes up as a typo. That’s got to feel lonely. Even Spell Check thinks there should never be one of you in the same place at the same time. One transgender civilian is fine. Multiple is bad English.

Before I continued, I would like to make note that I will call refer to all transgenders as civilians instead of people. They get offended very easily by things that you call them. I don’t want to call them men because some of the ones with penises like to be called a woman and vice versa. I could call them people, but anyone who gets so uppity about what noun they are being called are not people, they’re whiners. As we were.

I’ve probably met more transgender civilians than I think. Sometimes it’s tough to pick them out of a crowd. Not all of these mysterious ninja-like creatures are as loud and flamboyant as the rest. Some of them like to live a life of solitude and only care about how they feel. I respect this. I don’t need to know about your struggles to fit in as a kid. We all struggle to fit in. You’re no different than the rest of us so stop trying to make yourself out to be the most important issue in the world. Most humans already don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and you’re no different. Embrace that. We’re just as afraid of everything else as you are.

The public has this perception that being transgendered is strange and frankly, it is. If you say differently then look at numbers. Most people aren’t transgendered. Hence, it’s strange. It goes against nature, how you were raised, and most importantly God, you evil evil sinners. And just because something is strange doesn’t make it bad, or make you unique. We’ve all got our kicks and different quirks. Live with them and don’t bother other people when they don’t accept it. It’s expected, you’re a man in drag.

Out of all of the groups of races that feel uncomfortable with transgendered community, blacks are probably the most guilty. To be fair, they also molest children the least, rarely shoot non-criminals, and invented rock n roll by proxy. I think we can give them a pass on being a little weirded out by people who can’t even correctly answer the second question on the SATs “Gender.”

I have a theory as to why it is that black people sometimes really hate transgendered civilians. Afro Americans, as I’m told they enjoy being called, fought for civil rights blah blah blah boring boring not history that white people enjoy reading about. Can you blame us? It makes us sound awful!

But anyway, if you know anything about civil rights, you know that blacks used to have to use separate bathrooms. They didn’t get to use them, they had to use them along with separate water fountains, restaurants, baseball leagues, everything! Now, in a time where just about everyone gets what they want as long as they complain about it with the “customer is always right” attitude, transgendered civilians want their own bathrooms. The big picture here, transgendered civilians are racists, sort of. They want to make it their goal to have separate bathrooms so that it become the norm. And then in 50 years when they want to integrate and everyone that passes the laws to give them their own bathrooms will think that they had suffered just like the black Americans did before them. It’s rather simple to understand if you’re good at math like I am. But if you’re a girl, I can understand why you might be thinking none of this makes any sense. It’s okay, go back to cooking.

This is a huge problem now. We can’t have transgendered civilians and black people (they’ve earned the right to be called people) not getting along. Lucky for you all, I have a solution that will make everyone happy. Give the transgendered their own bathrooms and hire ONLY black people to clean them up. It’s perfect. It gives the creepy people with vaginas that get their toes turned into penises the opportunity to shit in public with the other one person in the state with the same mental issues as them; and it gives unemployed black people the chance to earn some extra cash. Of course, unemployed whites and Hispanics will probably complain about the hiring process. As far as I’m concerned they can go run their corporations and mow their lawns. This job is for the brothas.

One last thing, don’t make yourself out to be a member of the transgendered community. It’s no different than making yourself out to being a part of the Aryan community. You’re grouping yourself into a lump others with one similar attribute. It’s like you’re living with yourself. No wonder you feel so lonely and out of place. You’re living with clones. When you identify yourself, don’t start by saying you’re transgendered. Nobody really cares what’s in your pants and if they do, then talk about it with them. Other than that be a good friend, a nice neighbor, and the hard working civilian I know you all can be.

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