Posted: September 9, 2011 in September 2011
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I believe in the power of prayer. I don’t do it anymore. That’s because the one prayer I ever needed to make came true. I was five and this was it:

“Dear God, please never be there for me, everyone I love, and every starving child in the world who unjustly has to suffer only because they were born out of the wrong woman. Let there be massive flooding in some parts of the world and not nearly enough in others. If you could, God, please make me and everyone else self conscious of themselves, not self aware, but self conscious. We shouldn‘t like ourselves enough even though we aren‘t so bad. Let the bad guys win more than the good guys. Let the government take advantage of the poor. God, I want you to let people get sick and suffer. I want the innocent to be murdered out of greed and lust. Finally, God, let suffering to continue both in the minds and bodies of every living person until the day they eventually die and no longer exist.”


  1. malf922 says:

    You can be as cynical as you want man. You’re not swaying my faith! I believe in the power of prayer. No, wait. It was pine-sol. I believe in the power of pine-sol. That’s the one…

  2. Lily says:

    There sure is a lot of hate and sadness in the world that we live in. I feel like God only gives us what we can handle. Some people are stronger than others. Everyone has some form of pain and suffering. Some more than others. Thats the test that we’re here for. Right? If we lived in a perfect happy place and everyone was perfect and happy then we would be in heaven! I think you should still pray. Even if it’s just once in a while.

    • mooselicker says:

      It’s hard for me to pray because when I stopped doing it was when my life kind of turned around and got better. I’m not an Atheist. I’m kind of a nomad on religion right now. I think people who want to pray should be able to. It doesn’t do any harm and hey who knows. Maybe it will work.

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