Car Shows

Posted: September 20, 2011 in September 2011
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I’ve never been a big car guy. It’s probably because I was never molested by a truck driver. That’s my theory, at least, with guys who are obsessed with cars. I took one community college psychology class so I could always be wrong in my assumption. But that’s why it’s called a theory. It backs me up if I’m wrong. Gravity is a theory yet no one has been able to disprove it. Disprove my theory and then we can have an argument.

Car Shows might be one of the most boring things I could ever think of doing. It’s an entrance fee to go look at a parking lot. Being the slave in a Slave Auction sounds more appealing than a Car Show. I don’t get why anyone would go to one of them. To look at fancy cars and old cars that women died in giving birth. Maybe I’m just so disconnected with the rest of the world. That’s my theory at least.

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