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Question: Why is alcohol legal and marijuana is not?

Answer: Drunk girls are more willing to have sex with a guy than a girl high on marijuana would be. Alcohol makes girls horny, delirious, and deliriously horny, finding just about every guy they see attractive, even if he clearly is a douche.

Marijuana makes girls lazy, hungry, and mean. It turns women into men and if you have sex with a girl high on weed then you are technically gay. At least that’s what the Constitution says. Article 9, Line 17. Look it up.

That’s how the government works. What’s best for those in power is best for the rest of us. Even Senators need to get laid somehow.

Alcohol, giving men without looks or personality, but with power, companionship.

  1. Booze is a fantastic societal equaliser. Everyone, from the homeless tramp drinking his own piss to the queen sipping on the finest wine made from the hard labour of a thousand heavily-whipped slaves, drinks it.

  2. mindwarpfx says:

    Liquid libations is a lubricant to the world or a great equalizer of those who wish to rule it. Making those that may be only 4’s look like 6 or 7’s, as well giving those who are 3’s or below a chance to get lucky.

  3. Lafemmeroar says:

    lmao … the absurdity echoes truth … eons ago I’ve been known to grow a schlong while “up in smoke.”

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