Open Minds

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“I have a great sense of humor”

“I’m not your average girl/guy”

“I like to keep an open mind”

These are three things that I hear or see people say about themselves. To quickly strike through the first two, no you don’t and no you aren’t. Most people have lousy senses of humor. If a joke ever offends you then you have a bad sense of humor. I’ll come back to that point later, sort of. And saying you’re not average? Only an average person would ever say that. You are average. Average is good. Saying that you’re not average makes me assume that you are below average. Which, you are.

This leads me to my next point, I guess. Let me go back to that whole thing about getting offended at a joke. The same people who get offended by jokes are the same people who use the phrase “I look a good joke, but that was too far!” They are the same people who consider themselves open-minded and there is nothing more closed-minded than getting offended.

My first target I will go after is myself. I like to consider myself open-minded. I don’t really care about your sexual orientation or nationality. Other than making fun of it that is. Truth be told (I’m like a guy from the 1500s using that phrase), I probably am pretty close-minded. There are things I would never try even though other people enjoy them. I would never suck a dick or kill a baby. Those are two things I will never do. That makes me a close-minded person. Every night there are guys and gals who suck a dick and enjoy it. There are also guys and gals who shake babies and enjoy that. I can see how jovial it makes them, but I could never partake in either. It’s just not for me and that’s okay.

People who complain about not being accepted are the most close-minded people there are. That is, unless I find someone else by the end of writing this. Organizations that are anti-anything are close-minded. If you are anti-gay you are close-minded. If you’re anti-black people you are close-minded. If you’re anti-technology you are close-minded. But, if you are anti-anti-gay you are also close-minded. If you are anti-anti-black you are close-minded. And finally to close it out, if you are anti-anti-technology you are close-minded. I swear, I’ll do my best to lay off the hyphens from here on out unless talking about a child with divorced parents.

There is too much preaching about accepting others when the whole idea of acceptance is so phony. I may have mentioned this before, but why is accepting something a good thing? Acceptance means that you didn’t get your way. It means that you are now miserable because you accepted something that you didn’t really want in the first place. Avoidance is much better. If you don’t like Catholics then don’t accept Catholicism. Avoid it. Don’t involve yourself in it at all. Just stay away. There’s no need to ruin fun for everybody else.

So how do we solve these problems and have it all make more sense? We can’t. It’s impossible without some sort of being an asshole. It’s a great thing to be accepting of others even when you don’t have the same beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right. Really, who determines right and wrong? I don’t know, I’m really asking. It’s case specific. When people say “I’m accepting of everyone” they’re lying out of their easily offended assholes disguised as mouths. You’d have to accept rapists, terrorists, and pop stars. Excluding any denomination of human being would be close-minded. And that’s not you, is it?

To truly be open-minded you would have to be completely accepting. We usually call them pushovers and pussies, they usually don’t have too many friends, and they’re always the butt of the joke. There’s no reason why you have to understand or even be willing to try to understand people with different views from you. It’s a waste of time. Live alongside each other in peace without giving a shit what others think if it’s different from you. If you really do care what others think and it bothers you that their opinion is different, chances are you don’t believe strongly enough in your own morals.

“If you disagree with that, then you sir are worse than Hitler.” – Greg Gutfeld

  1. squiznit says:

    So when I Say that Im not your average guy, then you assume that I’m below average, well thats ok because I believe strongly enough in my own morals to not care what you think

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