Most normal people have owned a pet. All psychotic people have. We all have that lonely person in our lives who lives with an animal. We’re not quite sure exactly how much they love that animal either. Are they dating? I don’t know. Cats can’t go to the movies which means they would be a bad date. Find a human being to make you happy.

I would recommend that everyone at one point have a pet in their life. It’s strange that some people never have. Having a living creature depend on you really helps eliminate the callous attitude inside us all. That’s why Ace Ventura was such a nice guy and Ebenezer Scrooge was a dick. Ace was always having to feed snakes and cuddle with porcupines. Ebenezer didn’t have any pets. It took seeing a crippled kid hypothetically dying for him to change his ways. But let’s be honest for a moment. Tiny Tim probably deserved to die. God Bless Us Everyone? Even terrorists, rapists, and Paris Hilton supporters? You deserved that gimp leg Tiny Tim. Not everyone deserves a blessing.

Dogs – These are probably my favorite species to have as a pet. They’re the most human other than monkeys. But you don’t want a monkey as a pet. They end up taking over. There was a Malcolm in the Middle episode about that. Dogs are like having a retarded brother/sister around. They sniff your crotch and eat food off the ground. Exactly how I would imagine my sisters to behave if they were retarded. Dogs are known as “Man’s Best Friend” and I get that. My dog isn’t my best friend. I’m lonely but not that lonely. The most annoying thing about a dog is that they are too clingy. They’re like that girl you just started dating and all of a sudden she doesn’t want you to go out with your friends anymore. Oddly enough, most girls that pull shit like that look like dogs.

Cats – I’m more of a dog person than a cat person, but I still don’t mind cats. I have bad allergies to them. Does that mean a lion would make me sneeze? I asked a man at the zoo that and he said he didn’t work there. My bad. He was wearing khakis so I figured he was on duty. Cats for some reason have always reminded me of gay men. They’re always cleaning themselves, rubbing their asses on things, and drinking from saucers. Maybe I need to hang around a few gays more. I don’t think John Travolta drinks from a saucer. Cats have the advantage of being small. They’re cuddly creatures who can easily be tossed around in joy or rage. That’s why I like them. I always find it funny that they bury their poop.

Hermit Crabs – Okay, now we’re getting into the lousy pets. Hermit crabs were very popular when I was younger. I don’t know why. I always thought I was a dumb kid but my classmates must have been worse. They bought into the idea that a seashell could be a pet. I took care of someone’s hermit crabs for them one time. I didn’t see them move the entire week. What a lousy animal. A pet is not a pet unless it can learn its name. Hermit crabs should be smashed below the heel of my boot. I never hurt animals but to me hermit crabs are not animals. They’re glorified rocks.

Lizards – My family had a lizard briefly. It was a chameleon. Not nearly as cool as the Spiderman villain. He sort of changed colors. I don’t remember much. He probably much starved to death because he wouldn’t eat. Iguanas are really cool. So are poor transitions from one thing to another. I like iguanas because they have giant flaps of skin that looks like beards. My babysitter’s pimply son had one. I don’t think he let me pet it. The first naked picture of a woman I ever saw belonged to him. He hid it in a Nintendo video game case. I have to say, as pointless as lizards are, they’re pretty sweet. I’m a big reptile fan. My parents used to say it was because I liked the color green. I think it’s because I can relate to their dry scaly skin.

Turtles – One of my favorite animals. Like I said, I love reptiles. I also love ninjas. So you can imagine how much of an influence Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was for me. Mutants are fun to look at. And hey, call me crazy, but some teenagers are pretty sweet to look at too. I would love to own a turtle. I did briefly. We found him stranded in a field. Why was I in a field? I hate corn. We nursed him back to health by feeding him grass or whatever it is turtles eat then released him to freedom. Turtles are an animal I’d love to ride on the back of. They’re not too fast that I’d be frightened and they’re green! I love green!

Snakes – Now, I said I like reptiles. That does not mean I like snakes. Freud might say that I was attacked by penises as a child. I say it’s just because I am a descendant of Indiana Jones. Snakes are creepy. Owners of snakes are creepy. I think when you purchase a snake from the pet store they make sure you have at least 3 tattoos of naked women. Snakes always seem to be breaking out of their cages and crawling into the walls. That’s so scary. A big slimy tentacle crawling around. I’ve touched a snake before which was interesting. I’ve also touched a fat girl before but I wouldn’t want one of those as a pet either.

Fish – Other than looking at them, there’s no point in owning a fish. They can’t communicate much with you. They can’t hear a thing you say. Rich people always seem to own fish. I’m basing this off of Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo. I enjoy a nice piece of fish for dinner every so often too. I would never want a pet that I could potentially want to eat. Having a shark as a pet might be awesome, but some kind of a shiny French type that puffs out its lips I can do without. Unless I make a friend that looks like the fish. Then I can use the fish to make my friend.

Rabbits – My Old Lady owns a rabbit. I joke how much she should be slammed in a door or dropped out of a plane without a parachute, but truth is she’s not that terrible. Yes, she’s very overrated. All she does is try to chew wires and piss on the floor. She sounds like old people. I’m talking about the rabbit by the way, not my notgirlfriend (that’s what we call each other now). I want to make that clear. The best thing about rabbits is that they hop. That’s kind of all they do. Hop and make little shits that I could hide in my fingernails. I would eat a rabbit if given the chance. I’ve even just about every other animal. That’s how I assert my dominance. By eating the families of lesser species.

Rodents – This includes rats, mice, chinchillas, and any other rodent that I can’t think of. I used to have a chinchilla. It died of head exhaustion because my bedroom didn’t have an air conditioner. How grim is that? It’s like the heat wave telling me that I’m next. I never liked my chinchilla as much as I should have. He belonged to someone else before me and I never felt like we had a chance to fall in love. Rats and mice are a little different from a chinchilla. I’m kind of grossed out by them. They seem too disease filled. And seeing a mouse always makes me think of someone dangling it by the tail over a snake and that makes me sad. A pet shouldn’t make you sad. It should make you want to murder it for being so damn adorable.

Birds – For a species that gets confused with Superman by onlookers of Metropolis, birds are kind of lame. Talking parrots are cool. They’re always helping solve murders by repeating what happened at the scene of the crime. They can also be wise guys. I associate birds with old women. Probably because they had the bird when they were a little girl who still had her hymen. They remind her of a simpler time. They’re too yappy for me. I’d get married if I wanted constant sound in my ear. Get married and let my mother in law move in with us. Hey, that’s an original idea for a sitcom!

I think I covered most of the normal pets people have. (I originally wrote “pants” instead of “pets”, there’s where my mind is at) I’m sure I’m forgetting something. If you own one of the pets I dislike, I’m glad you at least like them. I also do no consider horses pets. A pet isn’t something that you can get kicked to death by or bucked off of. And farm animals too. A duck should not be a pet. A duck should be fed bread then never interact with humans ever again. I just realized ducks aren’t farm animals. Well, pigs then. Pigs are not pets. Nor are spiders. I was going to write about tarantulas, but I don’t consider things I could crush with a large tissue a pet.

P.S. I also got an unusual mention on another blog. At least someone pays attention to my little “Easter Eggs” I place around. Big Old Katy Sagal Tits

  1. hello100blog says:

    Reblogged this on Hello100blog.

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    I’m more of a dog person, they do as their told. I have a dog and three cats. Whenever a cat dies or disappears my parents just replace it with another cat. I’ve lost count how many cats I’ve had now. These three are the most annoying, can’t walk into the kitchen without them begging for food.

    Dogs and Cats are the only real pets. Anything like lizards, birds or rodents are just stupid. They’re more slaves than anything as they’re constantly trying to escape where as cats and dogs want to be there.

    Fish are just like a live version of a lava lamp. Pointless but you can’t stop staring.

    • Pete Howorth says:

      And I didnt even notice the tags until you mentioned them, “women drag their feet” lmao.

      • mooselicker says:

        I take at least one tag of something that is happening around me at the moment. Men rarely drag their feet. It always seems to be women. And I’m talking literally, not figuratively.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Men walk twice as far because they walk ahead, the woman drags her feet, then the man has to walk back and tell her to hurry up.

    • mooselicker says:

      I agree with you on how dogs and cats are really the best. You’d think after all these years we would have been able to domesticate at least a third cool animal that’s loyal to us.

      It’s strange that a fish is cheaper than a lava lamp too. A living creature isn’t even worth the same as a stoner necessity.

  3. Lily says:

    Wow. This is very thorough. My brother had a hermit crab named Emeril. So scary. Birds creep me out because they live longer than humans. Or something like that. So gross. Dogs and cats are the safest and cutest. RIP to your chinchilla.

  4. Let’s face it, dogs are like angels.

    I love the whole animal kingdom, even snakes, even sharks. I could never hurt anything. I tend to personify all animals. Every spider is Charlotte, every deer is Bambi, every elephant is Dumbo, etc. I think that comes from SO MUCH Disney and Beatrix Potter and, well, basically every child’s book.

    • mooselicker says:

      I think by the time Disney was big for me they had ran out of animals and moved on to inanimate objects. Beauty and the Beast taught me to never play rough with candlesticks or tea cups. They have feelings too.

  5. BTW – I started my blog if you care to read it? I would be honored.

  6. What about sugar gliders?

  7. Addie says:

    I was in charge of feeding the snakes in High School. I liked them quite a bit, and often had a python curled around my neck–after it ate of course. Their teeth face backwards, and, if they bite you, well, it’s just a bitch to get them off. Basically, you have to kill and behead them and then there is blood and stuff all over and the teeth really, really hurt. Snakes are actually quite clean, although they never really learn any tricks beyond the kill the prey then eat it thing, and that’s more instinct than training. Personally, although I like dogs, I’m becoming a cat person (as I’ve stated). DC kills the things I’m not willing to squish (I’ve a real thing about the sound of insects squishing or a mouse trap going off), and, in return, I change her litter. Because I’m such a boring person, I’ve collected some info on cats–and, yes, I’m going to share these things with you because you just never know when someone will ask you and you can say, “By jingo! I know that answer!”. Cats whiskers are as wide as their bodies, in order for them to be able to tell if they can fit through something. Not the fur part (DC is part Maine Coon, so, she’s quite furry) but, the actual body. Feral cats do not meow. Domesticated cats meow to try and communicate with their humans, “Hey!! Clean the litter, FFS!! HEY!! FEED ME!! HEY!!! SCRATCH ME OR I’LL EAT ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR HEADSETS!” Lastly (for now), if a kitten is hand raised (obviously not by another cat, since they don’t have hands) they will not cover their poop and all. Just as a mother cat teaches hunting, they teach the kitten to be, well, tidy. Plus, you can leave them alone for a couple of days, and not have to stress. Fish are stupid pets. The other one I had died. I think it was trying to do that whole, “Couple married for 61 years die 36 minutes apart” thing, because in the fish world, almost a month together equals decades. Need a nice tank?

    • mooselicker says:

      I knew the thing about whiskers. Whenever I meet a cat I put my hands on both sides of its whiskers and say “You’re trapped” because that’s the feeling that they get. I heard that pigs raised in the wild end up getting really sharp teeth and become ravenous. Any kind of pig too. That’s sort of relevant…

      Sorry to hear about your fish. Also sorry for ruining your romantic idea, but I think fish die together because whatever kills them ends up in the water. We had a goldfish that lived for what seemed like forever. Then we got a new one and put it in the water and they both died in a week. My sister never forgave me for what Fireball II did to her fish, Cutie. Fireball I only lasted a week. I need to stop naming my pets Fireball.

  8. […] decided to waste your time with this post after reading mooselicker’s post about pets. His is a lot funnier than mine. He gives relatively detailed explanations why pretty much every […]

  9. The cat/lion/zoo bit was great.

    I honestly couldn’t consider having a pet other than a cat or a dog and even then I couldn’t be arsed with the aggro.

    Other people’s pets are better.

    • mooselicker says:

      Thanks! I don’t even remember what the bit was and now I will have to go back and read my own work. Something that I should do before posting really…

      You need a certain type of mental illness to have anything but a cat or dog. Unless the animal doesn’t exist. I would get a dragon but they’re not real.

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