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I’ve been seeing a lot of transsexuals lately. No matter where I am; the subway, the store, the meat-packing district, I’m bound to find a 6’2 man with a tucked in wiener ready to call me daddy. For the right price of course. Today was different though. I didn’t see any trannies. I did see two delivery men. The unsung heroes of our laziness. Today, I pay a tribute to you.

(Lady Gaga, well-known tranny who I guess you could say works delivering poison to our eyes and ears)

I have a lot of respect for people who work delivery jobs. They’re tough. You have to move objects from one place to another. When did Star Trek take place? Wasn’t it like 2013? And we’re not really even close to developing teleportation. What a filthy liar of a show. The thing most people have delivered is food. The two guys I saw today were delivering the most common foods for delivery, pizza and Chinese. I didn’t bother to ask what they were “hauling.” That’s more of a question for truckers. Delivery men aren’t usually much for talking. They’re only in their cars for a 10 mile radius at most and don’t get as lonely for small talk as a trucker would. I still said hello to the portly Dominoes man who called me dude. He was a very large man. I have a feeling my neighbors received a half eaten pizza.

Where I currently live, I’ve had two things delivered. One was my furniture. The other was Chinese food by a, get this, Spanish guy! I mean full-blown Spanish. One of them Spanish people you see in Robert Rodriguez films. When I brought me my food I called him a race traitor then threw his tip on the ground. My furniture was much more fun to have arrive. I spent two weeks sleeping on a couch and using an overturned book shelf as a dinner table. My days were spent doing Sudoku puzzles and evenings spent watching my grandchildren. You can tell someone is depressed when they buy a book of Sudoku puzzles and complete half of it. A white guy and a black guy delivered my furniture. They set up my bed and everything. It was cool to have a team of ebony and ivory in my home. I felt like I was living Lethal Weapon 3.

(Riggs looks pissed. The new commissioner must be a Jew, woman, or anything not-white)

Back in the olden days when baseball players drank more beer to get bigger muscles, other things were delivered to the home. Milk probably being the strangest of these deliveries. If there was a milk man I would definitely use him. I drink a lot of milk. I’m pretty sure I have Madcow disease because of it. Newspapers were also delivered to homes. I guess they still are, but who really reads a newspaper? There’s a little something called Good Morning America that can give you news faster than any newspaper. Did you know Matt Lauer has a light peanut allergy? You never would have known that if you were some geezer who still reads the newspaper.

You could consider taxi drivers as deliverers of people. But if you do that you also have to consider bounty hunters delivery men. I bet bounty hunters get a chubby in the front of their pants every time they see the letters “DOA” on a wanted sign. They can be more careless with their work. Crazy people are sometimes delivered places. Outpatient programs will come to homes then bring the manically nuts to their lair for crafts and group talks. Don’t ask me how I know a lot about outpatients programs. Let’s just say my lack of athleticism isn’t the only genetic shit storm I have cooking up in my DNA.

(Boba Fett proves you don’t need a mullet to be a lawman)

Way before Netflix I had an idea for movies to be delivered to your home via car. I figured my parents and older sister could be drivers, my younger sister could answer the phones, and I could sit back and do boss things like sitting back in my chair wasting space. Like all my ideas, this was brilliant with obvious flaws. A caller would call in and say “What do you got?” and I’d have to name everything from Abba: Live in Concert to Zorro: The Gay Blade. It would take so long that they’d die of exhaustion and never actually be able to place their order. Luckily I was 12 when this idea came around and could use the excuse of hormones as to why I was so dumb.

Best Buy or as I will call it from now on, Best Buy It Somewhere Else If You Want A Decent Price, has that thing the Geek Squad now. I don’t know how much they deliver things. I guess delivering your own nerdy skills could be considered. Geek Squad members are probably the safest to be around. I know women are not allowed to deliver pizzas as some places due to fear of rape. Firstly nobody would ever rape a Geek Squad member. Secondly no poor old woman with a busted alarm clock would ever need to be worried about being raped by the Geek Squad member. He’s too nervous to put the moves on his best friend he’s known all his life. There’s no way he’ll be able to de-robe her in time before her husband returns from his afternoon duck feeding session.

(He better not be doing the “hole at the bottom of the popcorn bag” trick)

I hope you always show respect toward those hardworking delivery people. You should always tip. Even if it’s you joking and saying “Hey buddy, here’s a tip for ya!” then tell them about other job opportunities. There are so many things that are delivered nowadays that I barely tapped into it. Of course the most famous delivery men of all-time, the mailmen. They come there every day. Their motto is such that they will brave any element to bring you your bills. So the next time you see someone delivering to a lazy bastard send them a salute. They’ve cut off three cars and ran over a cat to get you your hot wings on time. It’s the least you could do in return.

  1. Addie says:

    I once lived on a 5th floor walk up. Although I was willing to tip extra, the delivery guys for food refused to carry me up the last two flights of stairs, so, I say, PAH! on delivery men. Except for furniture ones. Unless they break something.

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    When I was a kid, we used to have people drive around renting out video games, you keep them for a week then they come and collect them, now we have to actually go out if we want to rent anything, and we had a fizzy drink guy who acted like a milk man except he brought round soda and didn’t fuck your mother afterwards.

    So everything that’s given, something has been taken in other places.

    • Mooselicker says:

      It’s one thing if a person or two steals my ideas but now I’m finding out an entire nation has been doing so. Do you guys have things like Netflix or Gamefly over there? I should probably just look up the answer.

  3. Lauren says:

    I havent been reading any blogs for a couple weeks… Instantly remembered why this one is my favorite

  4. I used to live in a fifth floor walk up in Manhattan but we were so poor that we couldn’t afford deliveries of any kind! haha!
    I’m OVERLY nice to delivery guys, I tip big and offer them water. Always. I figure if I ever have to do that job I should build up a little karma, just in case. haha!

    • Mooselicker says:

      Delivery people always seem generally nice. I don’t think it’s just for tips either. I’d feel bad when friends would drunkenly order chicken at 2 in the morning and didn’t think they should tip. Now they work delivery jobs I’m sure. I bet they tip.

  5. So you must have really enjoyed my ‘Driving Miss Crazy’ series of posts, where I detailed the life of a delivery man, the romance, the danger, the… severed legs. You’re welcome!
    And I was very impressed by how fast you got of the whole ‘tranny’ thing. I know you could have ‘dragged’ that out for another thousand words… (get it? dragged?)

  6. Smaktakula says:

    I would argue that MORE products and services are delivered to the house today than ever before–from Canuck pharmaceuticals to Sri Lankan child-brides. I never had a milkman as a kid, and the paperboy was worthless,

    Also, despite the imminence of Star Trek’s “sell by” date, Buck Rogers’ (the filmic version anyway) already has. No, it’s not the 25th Century yet, but we don’t currently even have the flawed technology to strand the intrepid anachronism in the future; his flight (again, my source is the film) launches in 1987. Beedee Beedee Beedee awww…

  7. Delivering movies, petitions – what else did you come up with when you were but a sweet, fat kid? But I think that’s for another post/s, right?

  8. Lily says:

    Paul used to deliver pizza. I always find that weird. I think it would be a good job though. Scary for a girl. Like, I don’t think it would be safe to go to people’s houses and drop crap off. No one cares about guys being kidnapped. I remember in college, some students started a company where they would delivery any type of fast food that you wanted to you. Dreams do come true sometimes.

    • Mooselicker says:

      I like that the college students got the idea from their own laziness. I don’t think people kidnap delivery people as much as we like to think they do. Probably a few robberies in the ghetto, but if it was that unsafe of a job Mike Rowe would have covered it.

  9. robpixaday says:

    I like the taxi drivers as “deliverers of people” thing…bus drivers, too.
    So many things are delivered now. I guess bec so many people order online. There used to be something exciting called, “sending away” — George Carlin did a bit on it, I think — when, on the rare occasion a kid would tape a couple of quarters to a cereal box top and “send away” to Kelloggs and get a doll or a spaceship. It was VERY exciting. Kids used to sit around in little groups by the mailbox, waiting. YEs, me too.. and I remember (vaguely) milk deliveries, to the front door.
    But now! There are so many FedEx and UPS and pizza deliverers out there!
    And the Geek Squad!
    Well, at least the Avon ladies aren’t lonely anymore.



    • Mooselicker says:

      You seem to know way more about this topic than anyone else ever could. Now it seems you have to buy boxes and boxes of the ceral to have enough proofs of purchase in order to get some crappy little toy. The golden days are gone.

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