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Remember when I asked you to help me out with a Mad Libs post? No? You’ve never read my blog before? You have some sort of forgetful disease? Don’t blame MTV for being so scatterbrained. Blame your own laziness. Below are the results. Thank you to all participants. I was going to actually place each of your answers into the proper place, but this would require work and I’m scheduling this ahead of time and would hate if someone felt left out. If you would still like to participate you can on your own. Here are the answers given by the participants. Some of them may need to be changed slightly to make sense. But that’s Mad Libs! All you have to do is plug them in accordingly to make up what I’m sure will be a whacky adventure!

To those wanting to participate fully on this journey, please go back to Mad Libs and start from there. Enough blabbing. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out as big a mess as it is seeming to be.

Evolution of Insanity:

Noun: Lily

Adjective: angry

Plural Noun: cats

Plural Noun: Witches

Adjective: alive

Adjective: quaint

Relative: sister

Verb: imagine

Noun: mouse

Adjective: relieved

Celebrity: John Cusack

City Name: Vatican City

Noun: bus

Verb: name

Noun: echo

Noun: box

Verb: drop

Adjective: black

Noun: teacher

Noun: neighbourhood

Verb: bites

Diatribes and Ovations:

Noun: Worm
Adjective: moist
Plural Noun: ninjas
Plural Noun: seedless grapes
Adjective: enormous
Adjective: spongy
Relative: Aunt
Verb: chew
Noun: albatross
Adjective: persnickety
Celebrity: Sir Elton John
City Name: Omaha
Noun: lollipop
Verb: sauté
Noun: squid
Noun: ankle
Verb: boil
Adjective: fat
Noun: blister
Noun: monkey
Verb: stab

Michael Cargill:

Poo for each


Noun: BreezyK

Adjective: Awesome

Plural Noun: Hipsters

Plural Noun: Investment Bankers

Adjective: Douchy

Adjective: indier-than-thou

Relative: second cousin, once removed

Verb: jumping

Noun: Nova Scotia

Adjective: serendipitous

Celebrity: Kim Kardashian

City Name: Toronto

Noun: peanut butter

Verb: complaining

Noun: sloth

Noun: cats

Verb: lazy

Adjective: creamy

Noun: computer

Noun: water bottle

Verb: drinking

A Gripping Life:

Noun: Flower

Adjective: unseemly

Plural Noun: houses

Plural Noun: cars

Adjective: gorgeous

Adjective: long

Relative: uncle

Verb: assault

Noun: blog

Adjective: crazy

Celebrity: Seth Rogen

City Name: Topeka

Noun: heaven

Verb: play

Noun: lips

Noun: wall

Verb: kiss

Adjective: hideous

Noun: muscle

Noun: floor

Verb: kill

Lily in Canada:

Noun: Pete

Adjective: pretty

Plural Noun:horses

Plural Noun: telephones

Adjective: yellow

Adjective: dirty

Relative: brother

Verb: toss

Noun: paper


Celebrity: Hugh Grant

City Name: Tallahassee

Noun: sidewalk









No Blog Intended:

Miley Cyrus.
High heels.
Toe nails.

Welcome to my 300th blog post! It took hard work. A lot of motivation. And a little help from my (noun). Much has been achieved since starting this blog. For starters, I have become a more (adjective) person. I thank you, my (plural noun) for that.

There are still a few things you may not know about me. For instance, I love to stare at (plural noun). (adjective) ones. My fascination started when I was a (adjective) boy and my (relative) would (verb) me on my cheek. My (noun) says this traumatic event is why I am so (adjective).

Since my blog started I have become somewhat famous. I even managed to have a brief relationship with (celebrity). It ended when we were caught engaging in a public sexual act known as the (City name) (noun). That’s when you (verb) the other person’s (noun). But things are back to normal now. I am in a healthy relationship with my current (noun).

What I really wanted to say today was I appreciate everyone who (verb) my blog. Whether you visit often, frequently, or only when you’re feeling (adjective), your presence is felt with warmth. Thank you again. Here’s to much more success with my and your (noun). Unless you’re one of those people missing a (noun). Then I guess you can just go (verb) yourself.

  1. I was hoping to see a long list of poo.

  2. Creamy is a good word… whatever kind it is…
    This whole series of posts requires us to use our brains… you never pulled this kind of shit before… we always just used your brain… like a cheap hooker… and went along for the ride… why did you all of a sudden develop faith in our ability tho think? What were you thinking?

  3. Lily says:

    Mine actually turned out pretty well. I had to change up the tenses in some of mine, but eh, what else is new? Hopefully the sexual act, The Tallahassee Sidewalk becomes famous. I hope it includes side shuffling. That would be challenging, yet worth it.

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