Since the Doomsday Clock refuses to cooperate with mankind and the world will most certainly end on August 9, 2012; I have decided to prepare you for the end. With my help, over the next week or so I will guide you through the 5 Stages of Death.

This was another installment of poorly constructed Microsoft Paint pictures.

  1. A gripping life says:

    I like this concept. I once took a class in college called, Death and Dying. Lots of fun.

    • Mooselicker says:

      I actually had to ask someone who took that class last semester what the stages were haha. Weird how that’s the one college textbook without much updating each edition.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    For some reason, I’m taking you seriously. O_O “

  3. Pete Howorth says:

    A man wise beyond your years sir.

    • Mooselicker says:

      I’m glad I’m getting some love from you at the end of days. Don’t worry, you get to celebrate that one last birthday. Make me proud!

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Oh I shall, friends are having a house party on that day so I’m going to destroy it in a drunken stuper 😀

  4. Smaktakula says:

    I hope the image you used was of the Nagasaki explosion, and not the bigger, but date-inappropriate boomer.

  5. The Waiting says:

    I’m glad you’re preparing me for it because I have done very little myself. Seems like I should go stock up on bottled water and generators.

  6. Addie says:

    Maybe I’ll put off that dentist appointment, and, instead, work on organizing my linen closet.

  7. *shiver*
    I think I need a hero to save me. Anyone?

  8. Does it really matter if people are prepared for death if death is prepared for them.

    • Mooselicker says:


      I think you just blew my mind.

      • It is like saying you are going to prepare people for paying their taxes in five easy steps. They still have to pay their taxes at the end. Or are you volunteering to pay our taxes for us… like a new age Jesus???

      • Mooselicker says:

        You’re the one who compared me to Jesus, not me. People, remember that when you come at us with pitchforks and crosses.

      • I thought you were offering to die for us maybe. I like that gung-ho attitude. I for one am quite willing to take you up on that generous offer. I compared your willingness to sacrifice yourself with HIS… there was no attached implyment of you being any kind of savior… we would all still die when the world ends, I assume. But it would ease our passing if you could demonstrate how easy it is to do, even if you aren’t prepared for it.

      • Mooselicker says:

        I’ll answer this more thoroughly on Friday after I stop at the store to pick up the Kool-Aid.

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