Do you like being a big helper? I bet you do. There are three things I need help with aka am too lazy to research myself. In fact I am so lazy that I have forgotten what the third thing I needed help with was. Helping me out with my two questions below will make me forever in your debt and would be much appreciated.

1) In a month I will be going on vacation/holiday/an STD spreading spree to Los Angeles, the City of Gardens for the first time. I plan on moving there soon which will certainly make this blog a lot more fun as I am sure I will be best friends with Willem Dafoe and working as Megan Fox’s sex slave within a month. My question is for anyone who has ever been there; what is there to do there? Like in a touristy sense. What are some things I should check-out and do as a dumb guest before I feel obliged to try to fit in? Other than faking a drug overdose in front of The Viper Room ala River Phoenix, I’m dry on ideas.

2) I’m working on a masterpiece which takes place in the 1920s. The problem is I know very little about this time period as it is pretty boring. What are some important events, people, and other factoids from this era (1910-1940) that I should include? Here is a short list I have so far:


-Charles Lindberg and his stolen baby

-Amelia Earhart and her missing plane

-The rise of the Nazis

-Wally Pip and other silly baseball stories

-Bonnie and Clyde

-The Great Depression

-The Titanic

-WWI and Franz Ferdinand

-Kaiser Wilhelm

-Al Capone


-Al Jolson and the acceptance of blackface

-George Gershwin


-Stock Market crash

So please, if you know anything more, even if it’s a bit more obscure I would love to know it.

I wish I could remember the third thing I needed help with but I’m pretty sure I caught Alzheimer’s from holding a door open for an elderly woman the other day. Seriously, I’ve felt achy, mentally drained, and incontinent ever since. For now, these two things are all I need help with.

  1. Dude… I know everything about all that. And what to do in LA la land. Email me. I will figure out a way for you to meet me somewhere where it wont freak my wife out or violate security protocols. A third-person cutout or something. An arrainged rondevous. Did I spell any of those words right? I don’t care. I have to meet you in person you little freak.

  2. rebecca2000 says:

    Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin
    Henry Ford Designed the Model T
    Stock Market Crash of 1929
    League of Nations
    Babe Ruth Home-run Record
    Bonnie and Clyde’s Crime Spree
    Pearl Harbor
    Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    First Pulitzer Prizes Awarded

    Big News:

    St. Valentine’s Day Massacre—You already have Al Capone.

    Black Dahlia- A little after your timeline but interesting never-the-less

    John Dillinger–During the 1930s Depression, many Americans, nearly helpless against forces they did not understand, made heroes of outlaws who took what they wanted at gunpoint. Of all the lurid desperadoes, one man, John Herbert Dillinger, came to evoke this Gangster Era, and stirred mass emotion to a degree rarely seen in this country.

    Fatty Arbuckle Scandal (1921): On September 5, 1921, at a raucous Hollywood party, Virginia Rappe, a young starlet, became severely ill and died four days later. The newspapers claimed that popular silent-screen comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle had raped her and killed her with his weight. There was little evidence against Arbuckle, but the public was quick to blame him.

  3. Fuck Hollywood. Stay near the coast, and play lots of beach volleyball. I highly recommend Redondo even though it’s annoying that not a single person who lives there has a BMI over 18%. Hollywood and LA are muggy and yucky. That said, if you must go to The Viper Room, please video blog your fake drug overdose.

    P.S. You didn’t say which country??

    • Mooselicker says:

      Thanks for the advice! I’ll probably venture into a few scummy areas and look at the people as if they belong in a zoo.

      As far as what country I’d say mainly the US but anything else might be useful.

  4. Pete Howorth says:

    Rebecca pretty much said everything I was going to suggest, and as I don’t live in L.A. I can’t even give you advice there.

    I feel so pointless.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Once I remember my third thing I needed help with I’ll be sure to let you know. You can always tell me a lot of things about Welsh people. That I’ve been putting off on learning for a year now.

      And I already know they fuck sheep so leave that out.

      • Pete Howorth says:

        Why on earth of you want to learn about Welsh people?

        Their language is like a game of Scrabble gone wrong. Their greatest comedian is Rhod Gilbert, they have really nice scenery.

        And they fuck she… oh wait.

  5. The Waiting says:

    I will be of no help of you on either. The only time I’ve been in LA was on an unexpected overnight layover between Korea and Memphis. We failed to notice on our flight reservations that they were all in Korea time so when we landed in LA and the time was two hours before it was when we left Korea, we had to spend the night there at this weird hotel. There you go, a story you never asked for. I’m not a big helper today.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Nah I learned never to go from Memphis to Korea. I actually was planning on doing this epic journey once in my life. Isn’t that the same path the Cherokee “Trail of Tears” went on?

  6. Cafe says:

    You’re moving?! Congrats, Tim! That’s exciting news 🙂 I wish you all the best, keep me/us posted on how it goes!!

    P.S. I know less than you do about that time period.

    • Mooselicker says:

      What was going on in that time period in Canada? You don’t really have to give a gigantic answer, but in American schools Canada didn’t really exist until 1983.

      I’m sure this will be a nice adventure getting out there.

  7. Addie says:

    I’ve never been to LA. For the rest, Wikipedia and Google are your friend.

    I can’t believe you don’t know any of that stuff. I’d tutt you, but, I’m too tired to tutt anyone right now.

    • Mooselicker says:

      I know it but there are still things I may have overlooked or thought weren’t too interesting. I’m always up for a good tutting though. 50 Shades of Grey did that to me.

  8. I’m afraid I can’t help you with the LA info. But you’ve got a good list of events/things for the 1910-1940 period although if you want lesser-known things, I can probably help you there too. I may as well use my history degrees for something.

    What’s with the impending move to LA? Tell more please.

    • Addie says:

      You are a good woman, Weebs. I tutt, you offer help. I sit here, ashamed. I feel like the mom who said, “You tell ME if Pluto is still a planet!” when my kid was making their diorama. Of course, back then, it was, but, you get what I mean.

      Tim–I, too, will help you out. I don’t have a degree, but, I’ve a wealth of historical knowledge bumping around in my noggin. I apologize if I sounded huffy.

      • I figure it’s a good way for me to have some history fun, so it’s mostly selfish, with some helpfulness thrown in.

      • Mooselicker says:

        No huffiness was seen. It was a general question asking for general knowledge. Look at it this way, if someone asked me the question I wouldn’t have been of much help either. Put your tutting stick away.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Well if you think of anything goofy that’s lesser known I’d like to know. But not so much lesser known where it’s completely obscure to everyone.

      The long answer to your question is stuff about destiny, fate, karma, and other things I’m not really sure I believe in but that seems to sound better to most people. Reality is living in South Jersey I’ll never be able to find out what my full potential is and I’ll settle down and have a boring life always wondering what if I had given my lifelong dreams a chance. Better to go out in a blaze of glory (trying really hard at what I want) than to rot away in a prison cell (stay in New Jersey working at a job I’ve never liked). I’m big on analogies today.

  9. renxkyoko says:

    My Dad bought me a big book of newspaper articles from 1900 to 1986, that included the ads ! ! Problem is, I left it in in the van that was carnapped….. van-napped .

  10. Women burned their corsets and became flappers.

    Chanel was important in this decade. She freed women from their tight clothes. She made them wear black without the mournful, sad background.
    Surrealist movement was coming up.

    Nah, I’m too lzay, here you go: !

  11. joehoover says:

    Never been to LA, or anywhere on your shores due to past indescretions but my friends goes for work and they don’t like you walking much. Police stopped him for going on a stroll, finding it supicious he wasn’t in a car. Tip: Get a car, or a really smart answer when the police stop you for walking.

  12. Luddy's Lens says:

    Grew up in Los Angeles. Pretty good career (PR) there. Never got ate up or spit out.

    The Museum of Jurassic Technology
    Mount Baldy Observatory
    La Serenata di Garibaldi (the original one in Boyle Heights. Don’t worry: East L.A.’s only scary if you act like you’re scared.)
    Little Tokyo
    Little India for the food (it’s in Artesia, but that’s still L.A. County)
    Travel Town Museum, and then go hike around Griffith Park, then go to a concert at the Greek.
    Venice Canals (Venice Beach, too, since you’re a whippersnapper.)
    Olvera Street — especially if you’re still in town for Day of the Dead. Pick me up some sugar skulls while you’re there.
    San Antonio Winery
    Moraga Vineyards
    Go see something at the Walt Disney Concert Hall because, whatever you might think of the building’s exterior, that auditorium is beautiful.
    Visit some of the Missions. Not the homeless missions. The Franciscan Missions that started the whole thing.
    You might as well go to the Santa Monica Pier. Everybody else does.
    And, y’know, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Raging Waters, Magic Mountain…

    Also, just FYI: “Angelenos”, not “Angeleans”. I just mention it because it’s a common mistake.

  13. […] did a post way back in September called Big Helpers where I needed places to visit in Los Angeles and 1920s things to try including. If anything I […]

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