Apologies to all who have been missing me but as I am sure you are well aware Hurricane Sandy touched down on the Eastern Seaboard a few days ago. Many people have been affected by the storm and it’s going to cost a lot of money to solve these problems, money is everything.

Power is out in a lot of places still and a lot of things remain closed for business. Thing of it is, I am a complete pessimist. Pessimist is the correct word, right? The word for when you think people are complete babies about things? I was fortunate enough to only lose power for a few hours Monday night. Once it did come back on I went straight to bed because I need to sleep with white noise anyway and this allowed me to do so. Did I call people babies for getting upset over a deadly hurricane and now I’m admitting to needing white noise to sleep? Add hypocrite to my repertoire.

I’ll keep this brief. It pains my heart that a lot of people lost their businesses, homes, and a few people even lost their lives. With that said, this hurricane is not a national disaster. People will recover much faster from this than they will from let’s say New Orleans where people lost everything. Objects such as people’s homes, places they had memories at, and so forth may not recover but the people are safe and I think it’s important we realize having our own lives remain living (huh?) is what we should be grateful for most. Most people lost power, a few trees, and maybe at worse their summer vacation spot. It’s hard to feel bad when there are people in this world who have less in a lifetime than what some people lost in this storm. We need to realize the difference between inconvenience and tragedy. For some, this event was a tragedy. For most it has caused a huge inconvenience. Although at times inconvenience may feel tragic, we live in an amazing place where we have the ability and freedom to get over Mother Nature’s fury.

Hopefully my schedule, blogging and otherwise, will be back to normal in a few days. I’ve been reading some of your blogs via my phone but it’s a real pain to try to comment so don’t say anything too bad about me.

In the meantime I spent the last 2 days working on what I guess you can call a short story about the storm already available online for FREE. The fact I wrote, edited, and published this in 36 hours not only makes me proud, it also makes me yearn to be a person like real people and have more to my life than my own ideas and a laptop. In short, I have no soul and probably should have been killed in the storm.

Here’s the link to the one place it’s already available:

Surviving Sandy: A Battle Against That Deadly Whore Mother Nature

  1. Tim Boyle for president!

    ‘Cos then I can write silly things about you on my own blog.

    Good to see you getting in on the Smashwords action! Good luck.

  2. Luddy's Lens says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. It’s nothing like Katrina: The NY Marathon is still scheduled to go on, Wall Street’s back up, and today I read a comment by a NYC resident likening the inconvenience to a transit strike from a few years ago (a comment that kinda shocked me). It’s the difference between the have-nots and the haves (or at least the have-more-than-those-guys). The eastern seaboard is a physical wreck, but it’s material; the human beings fared all right, compared to how bad it could have been had it happened somewhere else.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Exactly! A broke down ferris wheel is so much bigger than 20 dead bodies floating in the water but which one is more horrific? Lots of people don’t have power but I mean didn’t we survive without it for 95% of our history at least?

  3. I was hoping you were okay. Looks like you made it just fine, sense of humor in tact.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Things weren’t bad at all near me. I think you had to get up near Princeton until things started getting hazy. I work up there and I’ve had off all week. This is what unemployment feels like? I’m not sure if I hate it or love it.

  4. The Waiting says:

    Glad all is well! The baby needs white noise to sleep too, so you are in good company.

  5. My best friend is in Jersey and they haven’t had power since yesterday. She said she nothing to do but read 50 Shades of Grey by candlelight. I guess raising this hurricane to a level of a tragedy might be little unnecessary. I can’t believe you did all that in 36 hours. I can barely finish a blog post in 36 hours. Glad to see you unscathed from floods, falling cranes and such.

    PS: Have you seen what readers of your books are also reading? There’s a side bar on the left that tells me that most of the people who viewed your book also enjoy the two-girls-and-a-cup genre.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Where abouts in Jersey? Probably up north, that’s where they’re doing pretty bad still. The most tragic thing you said there is she’s spending this time reading fan-fiction pornography.

      There’s an actual genre for a 43 second viral pornographic film from 6 years ago? I wonder what the stars of that film are up to today.

      • She`s in Jackson. I`m not sure if that`s north.

        I didn`t actually check if that`s an actual genre. I opted to start reading your Sandy story instead. All I know is that the titles sounded like something that the fans of that 43 second porno video would have enjoyed. I`m sure the stars of that video are the ones that wrote these “books“.

      • Mooselicker says:

        Jackson’s right smack dab in the middle. That’s where Six Flags is!

  6. Good luck with surviving everyone, and well done Tim :D.

  7. So you let a little wind and rain slow you down… and you still call yourself a blogger? Ha!

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