Alter Egos

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Do you hate reading? Boy do I know I do! Here is another short video I created. This was before I downloaded my editing program so I had to whip out my acting chops which are nowhere to be found. It took me 40 minutes to get through the first 40 seconds and when I finally did I decided to just go with it. My apologies for being such a bad actor. If I can be such a man about admitting my weaknesses as an actor then what’s Mark Wahlberg’s deal? Admit it Marky Mark, you suck.

The video is about my Alter Ego, a pretentious author. When you run into enough “talented” people you will meet people like the fellow I portray in this film. Before you call me a hypocrite remember, at least I don’t have my name written in block lettering across my refrigerator. Enjoy.

*Special Note: I’m not wearing pants in this video. They were causing me to stumble so I removed them. You can now say you saw me panstless and peacefully blow out your brains.

hank gimp

  1. robpixaday says:
    Feel free to delete this, Tim, if you’d rather not have it here.

    I’ll be back later…

  2. Addie says:

    Wow. That first book sounds so, um, interesting. Hank appears to be a great guy and I give him a slow clap.

  3. Lily says:

    Hahah I love the bit about Boarders and printing out EBooks to sign. So true. And about your Twitter nemesis who makes grammatical errors.
    Author Hank Stromboli. I really hope I know what inspired this post.

  4. robpixaday says:

    98 books, hunh? Hank’s not only talented but also prolific.

    Super! Winning portrayal of a pretentious author who’s smitten by his own work AND persona. I esp liked how you brought some sympathy to the character by having him mention that there were only 3 names in the hat (“This hat.”).

    AND it’s funny. So: WOW, again.
    One thing, though…You’ve got to stop telling us you don’t look good. Unless you had a stunt-author perform this, now we know the truth.

    Oh! Glad you enjoyed the audio.

    • I purposefully grew a light mustache and you can see the shine from my moisturizer from my light. It takes a lot of work to get this beautiful. But would you really take me as seriously if all I did was remind people how pleasing I am to the eye? 4 years ago someone said to me “You look really good” and I proceeded to gain 20 pounds really fast. My ego can inflate from the smallest of compliments.

      Your audio is pretty popular. It’s gotten a few clicks already. Your laugh is going to be more famous than your Freshly Pressedness.

      • robpixaday says:

        Yeah, compliments can be lethal. Good point.

        HAHAH!! The about half of those views are me, totally ignoring the fact that I’d signed out and checking to see if anyone had been there to listen yet. Each time I clicked it added another view. I kept clicking, thinking, “YAY!! somebody listened!!” And it was only me. Click after click after click. I think I FreshlyPressed my brain.


  5. dude… put your pants on…

  6. We need to get Hank Stromboli on NPR right away.

    “See, that’s why I changed my name.” LOL LOL LOL.

  7. josefkul says:

    Hank Stromboli seems amazing! When can I meet this prolific douche.

  8. […] If you missed the full Hank Stromboli video you can click here to see it: Alter Egos […]

  9. tinkadele says:

    I came for the full Stromboli (of course I wouldn’t be shortening his name if I thought he was reading this… 😉 ), it was worth it.

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