Like everybody who has ever existed, I was bullied. Big deal. It made me stronger. The strange thing about bullying is we’re told to not listen to anything a bully says yet we’re supposed to listen to everything an anti-bully says. Huh? What gave them that qualification? Most bullies are accurate pricks. They call fat people fat rather than not saying anything at all. Why be anti-bullying? That does nothing but bring more negativity and hate into the world. Be pro-love and pro-human.


(Stereotyping bullies in cartoons IS bullying. Let’s stop it)

I can’t quite put into words what I really want to say about bullying. I just find it weird how an anti-bully’s word has more merit than a bully’s. This to me seems like an elitist attitude. Everybody has been bullied and everybody bullies. The key is finding the balance and making sure you bully someone everybody else hates anyway. Don’t we all need to be a little bullied sometimes? I think after you graduate high school if you’re still worried about bullies and you don’t do something about it you should get bullied by someone new for being such a pussy.

I’m very pro-anti-anti-bullying. I think bullying to an extent needs to happen in everyone’s lives. If you disagree with me look at these anti-bullying slogans I found online. Somewhere out there someone needs to be called stupid then have hot soup thrown at them. My comments are in ellipses beside.

Anti Bullying Quotes:

Stop bullying sayings and quotes
  • 1
  • You cannot prove yourself big by seeing others in little sense. (saying this to a bully means you deserve to get your teeth knocked out)
  • 2
  • Bullying is actually a form of bull-sh*t, so keep yourself away from it. (no it’s not, bullying is a form of making up for poor self-esteem you liar)
  • 3
  • Bullies are rotten rats. (yeah they’re full of horse hockey….this slogan is one for the birds….something else old-timey)
  • 4
  • Bullying? Not a wise idea at all. (coming up with a shitty slogan, an even worse idea)
  • 5
  • Before posting some comments on the Internet think twice what you type (I agree with this one, it would suck to make a typo then get more bullies after you)
  • 6
  • Think double before you speak or get ready to fall you in troubles (nobody says “think double” so don’t bother trying to rhyme it with troubles, please)
  • 7
  • Bullying is not a human behavior, it only suits to bulls. (bulls have big dicks though, I’ll take my chances being an asshole)
  • 8
  • Let’s cheer, bullying is ban here! (totally gay, they also left out the “y” in bullying but I spotted them)
  • 9
  • For bullying you can move to Mars. (yeah or Venus or something…-Chip Chipperson)
  • 10
  • Bullies are out of human league. (so humans are in leagues no as if to say some are better than others?)
  • 11
  • Bullies have no future. (this implies murder which is the worst kind of bullying)
  • 12
  • Bullies are bad jokers. (he’s like everybody’s favorite Batman villain so I don’t get why this is a bad thing)
  • 13
  • Join us today for Anti-Bully crusade. (crusade, a word used basically meaning the unjust slaughter of millions for a really shitty campaign)
  • 14
  • Bullies need to make others feel insecure because they are insecure. (yes, but this isn’t really a slogan as much as it is something to say to a bully before he pulls your pants down)
  • 15
  • Stop forwarding bullying emails otherwise you will be a part of bullying s league. (I don’t know what the random “s” is doing there so whoever put this together is retarded, haha let’s laugh at the retard)
  • 16
  • Be sober on my Facebook Timeline. (just say Facebook, don’t add Timeline you proper wording twat)
  • 17
  • A bully cannot be a friend of his friends. (unless his friends are bully)
  • 18
  • Use Your Brain, Being A Bully Won’t Gain (unless you work in politics, the fashion industry, anything entertainment related, sports…should I go on?)
  • 19
  • A bully tries to put you down, because they are not up. (all bullies have erectile dysfunction?)
  • 20
  • Some bruises are on the inside. Stop bullying. (yes and you should get those checked out immediately because internal bleeding is very serious)
  • 21
  • Nobody likes to respond Barking Dogs. (you forgot the word “to” haha you retard let’s laugh at the gay boy)
  • 22
  • Can you abuse me in-front of a mirror? (probably, I don’t see how that would be difficult)
  • 23
  • There must be a rubber bullet for every bully. (and there must be a toilet for every nerd to get his head shoved into)
  • 24
  • A bully is a nonstop nonsense. (double negative, bullies rule)
  • 25
  • Never say Hi to bullies. (say see ya later?)

There you have it. Anti-bullies are so lame.

  1. robpixaday says:

    I don’t think I was ever bullied. Wouldn’t I know? So I guess I wasn’t. I do know I never bullied anyone (in spite of making a couple of people cry). So this is all very foreign to me. But those slogans…? Some of them sound like they were mangled by Google Translate first. If this is what the anti-bullies are using as weapons then the bullies will win the publicity war. Pants down.

    “Bullies have no future. (this implies murder which is the worst kind of bullying)” Haaaa!!!!!!!

  2. Bullies are full of fear. They’re total cowards. Underneath all their bravado is a whimpering marshmallow of a person. I love all people, even the bad guys, cause I can see through them. The bad guys are usually afraid of me, cause they know I can see them. I’m like the kid on the Sixth Sense except the bad people run away from me.
    I like your angle, who says people who are anti-bullies are not bullies against bullies. I think you’re onto something. You should start a real campaign. The world needs anti-anti bullies. Good one!

    • Mooselicker says:

      I really should. I think we all know the difference between bullying and bullying gone too far. When bullying turns physical or becomes harassment then okay it should stop. Or how about this, bully back? I bullied kids back in high school sometimes. It earned me nerd friends.

      I have no doubt you can see through just about anyone’s nonsense. Good thing I’m not trying to hide anything.

      • hahah! I think this is why my husband was always nervous around me! LOL!!! I need to find someone who can see through me. Now THAT would be a turn on.

        I can honestly say, I never bullied. I’d covertly get close to the bully and then make them stop using my sweet skills and manipulation, or, I’d just call them a name and threaten them and they’d stop. LOL!
        Why do kids always pick on physical appearance. I used to call my sister ugly and fat. Why? Is it just an easy and obvious target and we know it will hurt?

  3. Obviously, I don’t include the comments I made to my sister as bullying – it was always self defense. She was a be-otch.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Hahaha I’m not sure why kids always go to physical. It’s easier I suppose and if they weren’t a bully they’d probably get to know the person and discover a whole new world of things to make fun of the person about.

  4. josefkul says:

    You said, ‘the key is finding a balance and making sure you find someone everyone hates anyways’. Congratulations, you have now discovered the fundamental basis for our entire political system. In America, we hate from the top down. No matter what happens in our country we will blame the guy on top and trickle our hatred downward to all the lower levels of government. It’s the American way. God bless America!

  5. Awwww… steady on, little trooper… I am so sad right now that the only thing that will make me feel better is coming over to your house and giving you a wedgie and a swirly and taking all your lunch money…

  6. So what you’re saying is that anti-bullies are just big pussies?

  7. Pete Howorth says:

    Be A Star.

    Those three words makes me want to find a four eyed ginger kid with braces.

  8. Real bullying sucks. It can rip people apart. But wtf with those slogans? Those are terrible.

  9. Not the best slogans are they! Give em a slap!

  10. Luddy's Lens says:

    “Never say Hi to bullies”??? Like, what? just saying “hi” is gonna cause a bully to punch your lights out? mock your use of the word “hi”? And how the f*ck would you know if you’re saying “hi” to a bully?? ‘Cause if you know s/he’s a bully, you’re not gonna say “hi” anyway.

    Were these translated from foreign languages or something?

    • Mooselicker says:

      I don’t think so. Is there really any good anti-bullying slogan that exists? Go to the gym, develop an amazing personality, and don’t give a fuck about others and bullies won’t be a problem.

  11. tinkadele says:

    Some bold statements here! You do raise a good point for the anti-bullies though and the slogans… haha, wow. Silly ongoing cycle!

    • Mooselicker says:

      I never thought about it in an ongoing cycle way. It’s like I started off bullied, grew up and now I see all these kids not defending themselves so I bully them. There’s no end to this madness.

  12. I thought you were a blog bully! 🙂 I can’t imagine anyone getting away with bullying you. Fun post, as always! You will always get an A for levity in my book.

  13. Bwahahahaha! Geeezzus–those slogans want to make me bully the imbecilic twits who “wrote [comment] those ideas on the internet without thinking twice”! “WTF you saying can I abuse you in front of a mirror?! Spell FREAK!!! Even I would never stoop as low as that. Go back and read your Fifty Shades of Porn, freaker.”

    *This only strengthens my theory that idiocy is a highly communicable disease.

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