A blogger who has declined credit for this idea and for interviewing me asked me to do a quick interview with her. Of course I did it. What else was I going to do? You should read it here.

Here’s Mooselicker

Completely unrelated, but yesterday I woke up an hour earlier than I set my alarm for. I went online via my phone to see if I had any important emails or any love confessions. When I went to WordPress on my phone it said that my account had either been deactivated or suspended. I immediately jumped up. How could this happen to me? After almost 2 years I had never had a problem. I started thinking about all of these “Save Mooselicker” fantasies where the WordPress community all posts about how much they miss me. One of you takes it too far and flips over a cop car and kills a guy. I ended up going onto my computer and realized there was nothing suspended or deactivated. My phone was just trying to tell me setting my alarm for 10AM is entirely too late.

Thinking my blog could possibly be gone made me realize something important. It’s not that I’m too reliant on technology. My epiphany was that the Western World would probably collapse if not for me. It’s a remarkable undertaking and responsibility. The magic in this blog compares to none. So go back up to the top and read the interview I did. I love you all. Except you. You’re kind of weird.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    You would know if your blog would have been deactivated because there’d be a lot of RIP Pete messages on my Facebook wall from where I’ve slit my wrists and hung myself from the ceiling out of sheer depression.

  2. SingingTuna says:

    LMHO …
    Great answers in that interview!
    Weird or not, the Western World is grateful.

  3. Lily says:

    I love being interviewed. I’ve never actually been interviewed, but I know I would be so good at it because it’s just talking about yourself, right? So fun.

    Congrats on being so popular and cool! If your blog wasn’t around surely we wouldn’t be friends and that would be lame.

    • What’s your name?

      What country are you living in?

      Have you ever considered starting a blog based on the answers to the above two questions?

    • Mooselicker says:

      It’s like that whole butterfly effect thing. Like say for instance one of us decided to do a blogspot blog instead. Our whole lives would be different. Maybe not that far, but different to a large degree. I forgot how good that movie was…

  4. The Waiting says:

    My world would be crushed if not for your blog. Don’t even mess with me like that.

  5. Hey Tim, I’m just wondering, how tall is Selena Gomez??? Hahaha! Okay, okay, gonna go see your interview. Bossy douche.

    • Congrats on your interview. It means that you’re more popular today than you ever were. And if you don’t mess anything up, then you’re gonna be more popular tomorrow than you are today. And the day after. And…you get it. That’s a good thing, right?

      And Tim? Quitting is for lesser mortals than the Mooselicker.

      • Mooselicker says:

        Who said anything about quitting?

        I feel very popular. It’s like any day now people will start asking me for my autograph and will stop telling me to leave, “you’re not welcome there.”

    • Mooselicker says:

      I think she’s 5’7. Like really, I have that memorized because she looked really tall so I looked it up. She has a short person’s face though.

  6. Nice one, Tim!

    I couldn’t see a way to leave a comment without having to sign up, so I didn’t bother.

  7. tinkadele says:

    I haven’t read the interview yet. I just wanted to say that I could totally see myself as the crazy eyed psycho who flipped over the car with my incredible hulk arms, your blog means that much to me.

  8. Hey, that was a nice interview by the both of you. If you haven’t already, or very often, be sure to back up your blog!!

    • Mooselicker says:

      Thanks! I’ve saved a few posts on files, but if it was all lost it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, for me at least. I’d just have an excuse to tell the same stories all over again 🙂

  9. I read it. I couldn’t comment for some reason. But I now feel like I really know you. On an unrelated note, did you get my love confession email? And stop calling me weird. It is just hurtful.

    • Mooselicker says:

      I think you need an account to comment. When did I call you weird? I thought you liked weird. Your writing teacher or whoever she was said your book was weird and you wrote about how happy it made you. I’m just trying to do the same.

  10. benzeknees says:

    You’re kind of weird too.

  11. I was ready to start making signs to Free Mooselicker’s Blog but then I realized I was actually reading your blog, so I put down my crayons. Nice interview, btw. A lot of people don’t really understand what being “funny” is. You “get” it. But why did you wake up an hour early? Who does that? Are you okay?

    • Mooselicker says:

      If you already made some don’t throw them out. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble someday.

      Thanks for checking it out and for the kind words. Us naturally funny folk don’t even need to think about it, do we?

      I got up an hour early because I wanted to actually be tired by the time it was 2 in the morning. Someday I’m going to start waking up at 3 in the morning at this rate. I have to stay a little normal.

  12. Smaktakula says:

    I had no idea you were a philanthropist. I don’t exactly know what that is, but it sounds dirty.

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