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I am in need of some simple help. I am contributing to a new website, a website so new it doesn’t even exist quite yet. Part of the site is submission based/audience participation/whatever you want to call it. The woman in charge is putting a lot of effort into it, like actually buying the domain, so I have a lot of faith that it will at least be worthwhile in some form. So I come to you guys for help on this. What we need are submissions for the following:

Title – Dating
What We’re Looking For – Your craziest dating experience

This is pretty self-explanatory and I know we all have some great ones.

Title – Double Dare
What We’re Looking For – We want you to double dare us to do anything – something you’d like to see!

Does this one not make sense to you? This one is pretty clear as well. Why did I feel like I needed to explain?

Title – StoryTime

What We’re Looking For – We are collecting stories about a time you were overly confident about something that didn’t go exactly as planned

For instance, how we all created our blogs thinking we would be rich and famous by now and none of us are. We want better than that though.

dewey defeats truman

Title – Love & Sex

What We’re Looking For – Go ahead – ask us ANYTHING – but ONLY if you are ready for brutally honest answers

This is kind of like the Dr. Ruth section. Remember when I did that post Pathetic Text Messages? Something like the question the fat idiot in that asked would be acceptable or maybe you can be smarter.

Title – Eavesdropping

What We’re Looking For – We want to hear about crazy or fascinating things you’ve overheard on the streets, in a restaurant, etc.

This is pretty easy, no? Who isn’t hearing people say stupid shit all the time? Come on I know you have some good ones!

Title – Deep Thoughts

What We’re Looking For – Go ahead – blow our minds… in a few sentences or less.

I guess an amazing fact would work here? I’m not sure. Answering this question would blow my mind.

So if you can help out you can either answer in the comments or send me an email if it’s long or more private at or Facebook me if we gossip there sometimes.

There are no limits to what you answer, how much you answer, and you can put as many into one category as you want. If the site is successful I will definitely come up with some ideas where if you are interested that you can contribute your own written pieces to.

That’s all. Thanks and hopefully a few people can contribute before I have to solicit you.

  1. SingingTuna says:

    Hey! Good luck with this!
    I have a dating one if you want it:

    First date with the guy. He rolls up in his car, sound system blasting. We barely speak. He drives to the nearest mall, hands me a ten dollar bill, and tells me to go buy a purse for his mother’s birthday because he forgot to. “Old lady’s a real b*tch. Get a nice one.”


    • Mooselicker says:

      Can you write a little more on this one for me? This is perfect. You can email it to me whenever you get the chance. It doesn’t have to be too long. Just set the scene a little be more.

  2. Carter says:

    As far as eavesdropping is concerned, where do Facebook comments rank? Not that I totally have an idea yet, but it is sort of “eavesdropping” for the virtual age

    • Mooselicker says:

      Yeah I was going to suggest we do something like “Facebook Drama” to the lady. Luckily this is ongoing forever and has a plethora of material. If you see anything feel free to make an ongoing list. It will be used for something at some point.

  3. modeejae says:

    Re: Deep Thoughts… How deep do you wanna go? Serious or funny? I have one that I would love to blog about but mine is seen by to many people that I know IRL and that would be really really bad.

  4. Addie says:

    It’s sounds like great fun, and, since I consider eavesdropping an art form, I should be able to contribute there.

  5. Lily says:

    This sounds like a fun project. I’m one of those people who waits to see what other people say first so my input isn’t the weirdest. So maybe I’ll wait and to see how things turn out and then think of something? Or is there a time limit?

  6. Seb says:

    Truman’s head looks like it it crudely photoshopped on and by photoshopped I mean stuck on in MS Paint.

  7. Sounds really fun, Moose. I’ll give it some thought, but my schedule isn’t allowing for much else right now. I’ll keep an eye out for future updates though.

  8. Deep Thoughts; Just because your boss says he ‘wants to try you out in a new position’, it doesn’t mean you are getting a raise or a promotion.

  9. Storytime; uh… my whole life?

  10. Double Dare; Do a post about Do a post about how the NRA should take Religious leaders hostage and force them to perform gay marriages.

  11. Eavesdropping; Overheard at a party…
    Guy: Have you ever been picked up by the Fuzz?
    Girl: No, but I was swung around by the tits once.

  12. Well, I once overheard the most mind blowing stupid conversation on the bus. It started out pretty normal, but it got worse with everything that one girl said. Let me sort of quote her here.

    “I just really want to know if he sees other girls or not.” (seemed quite normal)
    “You know, I try to check his texts… But he can’t see mine of course.” Friend: “Perhaps you should change all the names in your phone to girls’ names.” She: “But you can see it’s a guy because of the way he texts.”
    “You know, when I was in prison, and I could go home during the weekends, I felt lonely and called him then… Just because I was lonely….”
    “I saw his ex-girlfriend and asked whether she fucked him or not. She said ‘of course not, we were together for like two weeks’. I already fucked him the second time I saw him!” *laughter*
    “I just don’t want him to cheat on me, seriously.” Friend: “But you cheat all the time as well….” “But don’t you feel like we can do that, but they can’t?”

    I was like, seriously? Seriously!!?? That’s just… sad.
    Further on I don’t have much stories to add, but I’m sure the rest will help you out.

  13. The Waiting says:

    I dare you to sing karaoke. Only pretend you’re deaf and sign the song.

  14. Get back to you with an email on this one.

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