I totally forgot, but thanks to WordPress something popped up congratulating me on my two-year anniversary with the site. I’m getting praise for essentially not knowing how to delete this thing. Not that I plan to delete it or anything. I have way too much greatness here.

So what’s there to say? I’m not sure. Here’s a list of ten things about this blog because I feel like I’m cheating you (wasting less of your time) by not doing more.

1) My first blog follower ever was this guy. He still blogs sometimes which is pretty unique. I remember it was September 2011 before I figured out how to navigate WordPress and comment on other blogs. I was sitting in a hotel I wasn’t staying at stealing the Internet when morning when I found his blog and left a comment. It was something about kids get coddled when playing sports.

2) My favorite blog post anyone else has ever done was this one. Has it been six months already? Wow. The post was probably the best thing to happen on my birthday.

3) My most commented blog post that wasn’t Blog Award related or the Opening Credits I have on my home page when I announced the availability of my first ever book. If you remember correctly, I hyped it up for a month leaving clues and making people think I had gone crazy. I had people in real life come up to me asking if I was all right since I had claimed the world would come to an end on August 9th. Although I may not be an award-winning writer, it’s great to know I can actually pull off writing a full novel and people will pay money for it. The next one comes out in like a week and a half and I’m excited for the first person to buy it complaining that they bought the wrong thing.

4) I’ve somehow managed to in two years become friendly with several bloggers. I write a blog with one of them, I almost met one in person, and a third has the distinction of being the only blogger to have seen what my knees look like. I’ll tag the rest of you somewhere else below so quit complaining. This is poetic.

5) I’ve learned what it’s like to be a great mother of a newborn child and how to be a great mother twice with two newborn daughters. All great mothers of course have people they look up to. When in doubt they can always turn here or if that doesn’t work they can go here. Here also knows a lot about the American Revolution so if you need help on that topic like I did, that’s the place.

6) When I first started blogging I thought it was to become famous and successful and rich and powerful and dictatorshipish. I soon came to learn it’s not about that. Blogging is about asking for help with art, it’s about giving and receiving advice on life and realizing others have been through the same as you, and it’s about whatever this guy taught me.

7) I’ve met people who have written their own books like this guy and this guy  and this girl and this girl. There’s an abundance of creativity everywhere here on WordPress. Some people create amazing music.

8) I didn’t want this to be sentimental or anything, but I hate leaving people out and I’m procrastinating on doing something more important than blogging. What’s more important than blogging? Right now it’s writing out a character list for another shitty TV Pilot I’m putting together. Bleh I make myself sick with my “struggling artist” attitude.

9) So what has changed in the last two years? I think I can bench press like 10 pounds more than at the start. That’s something I should be proud of, right? I’ve convinced myself I’m a better and more relatable writer, but who knows? My personal life has changed drastically. For better or for worse, it’s death til us part. I’m still waiting for something really great to happen. I’ll know sometime mid-summer the results of several writing contests I have entered/will be entering. Could it change everything? After all, keeping up with this blog helped me feel motivated in other aspects even when I didn’t feel much like blogging. What the hell am I talking about? And why is there no link in number 9 and there are some everywhere else? This really bugs me.

10) I’m not going to put a link here either so 9 isn’t so alone. I also don’t have anything to say here other than thanks for two years. Whether you come by often, sometimes, or never make your presence known, thank you for existing. Now to head out to the store and grab some Tampax because I seem to need them.


(This looks exactly like the box to my Britta water filters. I guarantee someone has made that mistake)

  1. Bloody hell, two years of WordPressing. Bonkers. I think I’m about three months away from it myself.

    Thanks for the namecheck, yo, and good luck with the books.

    Ill get my Tampax tomorrow if that’s okay?

  2. Addie says:

    Will there be cake? Thanks so for the kind words…you made me smile. Congratulations on two years, and many more to follow!!

  3. Lily says:

    Congrats on two years! That’s such a big chunk of time. You’ve spent it well though. Your pieces and comments have made many people happy which is a great thing. Thanks for the mention. I love our little Kidz Showz project. Never gets old. Except when I’m too lazy to write anything.

  4. The Waiting says:

    Two years is pretty amazing. I lived in Korea for two years, and in that time I did very little else than drink heavily and convince myself that my students were learning to read. You have certainly accomplished a lot more here! You know I love your blog and you will always have a loyal fan and friend in me. ❤

  5. SingingTuna says:

    Awwww, that’s wonderful!
    Happy Bloggyversary!
    You’ve accomplished so much…it’s inspiring!!!! AND you’ve made people like me laugh, which is amazing.

    I hope the next two years bring you all kinds of joy and success!!!

    (Sorry I haven’t been here lately; too many other things going on and I’m not online except for trying to sell some art, which of course isn’t going well…LOL)

  6. tinkadele says:

    I am so proud for you and your achievements over the past two years, I’m also so proud of the fact that my mention is in relation to your knees – it doesn’t get better than that!

  7. Happy cupcake to your blog! I love being tagged in stuffed almost as much as I love giving out blogiversary cupcakes.

  8. rossmurray1 says:

    Well done, good sir. Keep it up. Thanks for the shout out (blog out? link out?)…

  9. calahan says:

    Congrats on two years. Although, your blog isn’t going to wait around for you forever, so put a ring on that asap.

  10. I love you, too.

    And YAY for blogging (Happy Bloggyday)!!! So I guess this was the reason you had that poop-eating spree, noh?

  11. Pete Howorth says:

    Happy Blogiversary Timmo, I’m quickly approaching mine, I’ve known you longer than I’ve known most women and I can honestly say you’re more enjoyable than 100% of them. If you think the Tim Boyle Appreciation Day, wait until the second anniversary!

  12. Congratulations on this impressive milestone. You have put much effort into your blog and I enjoyed this post. I have nothing sarcastic to say at this time but give me a few minutes…

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