Thing #1: I have since added many more comics to my Held Back Series to the page I created exclusive for these. If you enjoy these then check the page every so often because I add to it whenever I can. If you don’t like them then wait until Sunday when you can read your Family Circus.

Thing #2: I wrote a piece for this blog a while back about how I was going to be contributing to some website that was starting up. The start-up date kept getting pushed back like a newborn whose parents aren’t ready, and this was a surefire sign that things would eventually die out. It did die out. Or at least the face I haven’t heard back in a month from the lady and she said it was going to start by June 1st, it’s safe to say she gave up all of her hopes and dreams, died, or whatever other possibilities there are. I’m pretty sure she just gave up because everyone she was working with was being difficult, as possible tend to be. With that said, I’m probably going to start posting a few things I wrote for that site here instead since I have 40 pages worth of movie reviews, music reviews, and a few fake news stories.

Thing #3: I’m entering some radio contest and I’m going to need your slight help with it. By slight help I mean you really don’t have to do anything, but it would help if you went to the site and left a comment like “Oh wow that’s awesome. Put this guy on the radio!” This isn’t a contest where you win based on how many friends you have either, although I think they’re giving a separate prize for that. You’ll have no idea what I’m talking about it any of the videos since it’s Philadelphia sports specific, but that doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure everyone else just gets their stupid friends to comment and rate highly. Now I’m going to need my stupid friends to do the same thing. I’ll have more information on this later in the week, hopefully. I’m really excited about it though and for the first time in a while think I have a legitimate chance at this. I’m submitting two videos, one by myself and one with a black guy I met on Craigslist. It actually doesn’t matter how or where we met, but I think between the two videos at least one can get me what I want, a really sweet dream job.

bikini-tour(I would hate to send the perfect job back in the other direction)

  1. Lily says:

    “a black guy I met on Craigslist” At first I was like, who is that? I’m actually really excited for this because I think you have a chance of winning. Or at least I think you told me that you might have a chance of winning. Hopefully you do!

    That sucks that that one thing didn’t work out. It must be tricky trying to make something like that run smoothly. Oh well.

    I’ll go check out the new comics!

    • Mooselicker says:

      I’m fairly confident me or me and Carter can win this. I submitted my solo video yesterday. I’m waiting a little bit to post it because I don’t want someone I know in person to get the idea to try out and beat me. It’s pretty cool though.

  2. You can always count on me to do almost nothing to help you!

  3. Please help…
    I might lose my blog.
    My little spam joke has made WordPress very angry and they might shut down my blog.
    If you could do a post with WordPress in the title, telling them to give me a break, you might save my blog. I can’t do any new posts. They shut off my new post button. I think you can also go into the WordPress help forums and put in a good word for me. Please link to my blog. I need you!

  4. Sweet. A radio gig. That would be pretty awesome. If you were talking about the Minnesota Vikings, it would be even better. Now you are going to be talking about the Eagles? They have not given the Vikings anything decent lately.

    Brad Childress? No thanks.
    A bunch of Eagles left-overs? I’ll pass.
    A win (By Joe Webb no less) in the 2011 season to prevent us from getting the second overall pick in the draft. Bleh.

    Alas, post more information and I will help if I can.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Sure thing. The next blog post I do will probably be more about it. I’m still waiting for my partner to finish up his half of one of the videos. This would be a great thing in my life and save me from infinite sadness.

      I forgot about that Eagles/Vikings game. I was at a Japanese Hibachi buffet when it was going on.

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