These could be the final days. I doubt they are. The Mayans all agreed on one day to be their final day and they were wrong. I’m one man picking my own final day. The odds are against me.

What exactly are these the final days of? In a matter of a few weeks, beginning Monday, I will hear back from a lot of contests that I have entered in the last few months. I will find out if dead people have birthdays or not. I will learn if the world is ready for the Jersey Devil to begin his feast. My name’s origin, I’ll know if it truly does mean awful. Is it possible to befriend terrorists? This paragraph was very cleverly written and it means nothing to anybody because they are all things I have written in the last year or so that I was proud enough of that I thought should be entered into screenwriting contests. Three total contests and I find out about each by the end of July. I mean, they have to be at least okay, right? The few people I know who read them said they were great. They would never lie to save my emotions, right?

More possible is the radio contest that I have already entered. I spent all day today working on my duo video with Carter “Unstoppable” Johns. I will bother you with that once it is on their site. For now though, I would love it if anybody could comment or share MY VIDEO. Thanks to those who already have.

July will either be filled with excitement or turmoil. I’ll of course whine when I don’t win some and you’ll never hear the end of it if I succeed at any of these.

I feel like I wasted your time because I didn’t say anything here and you gained no new knowledge other than the possibility of knowing my demise is nearing. As compensation, here’s a very neutral picture we can all enjoy, Justin Bieber lying on the ground in a bloody mess.


  1. Lily says:

    Your end of the world coincides with all of the end of the world movies that are out right now. How fun! I’m excited for yours and Carter’s duo entry! Can’t wait to see that one and chuckle away. Fingers crossed that you win some, or better yet, all of your contests!

    • Mooselicker says:

      How many end of the world movies are there? I can think of 2. I guess that’s still too many.

      My video with Carter may end up making even less sense since we name even more Philadelphia athletes. Oh well. Thanks for the luck!

      • Oh come on, I’m sure Lily knows all about Hunter Oswalt and Ben Pence. I wish Kidz Showz was a podcast.

        So excited to get this up. Win or lose, you’re a winner for just trying. Or probably more accurately, you’re a loser I can respect if you don’t win.

      • Mooselicker says:

        If Kidz Showz had a podcast you would be the only listener.

        A loser you can respect for trying? Does that go for wars too?

  2. neonspndx says:

    HAHAHA. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know how it turns out!!

  3. At least you gave us a good, strong finish.

  4. SingingTuna says:


    So nerve-wracking! How can you sit still? SO MUCH is on the line!!! All those hopes!! All that work!!!
    Wish I could tell you that July will forever after be known as “That Stellar Month When Tim Boyle Won All the Prizes,” but…best I can do is say that if it isn’t, I’m going to be at the front of the line complaining to whoever let you down.

    That said, I have a feeling something really good is going to happen.Yes.
    Can’t wait to see the other video.

    And your tags made me laugh. Isn’t there some kind of tag contest? There ought to be.

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