I really need to clean up my favorites. More than that, I need to clean up my life. I should probably start with my favorites. Here are a few things I can delete from my online favorites.

INFJ Dating Bible: This was sent to me by some girl I went on a date with. She was obsessed with Jung and Briggs Myers personality tests. We discovered that we were both the rarest type, INFJ’s. Then she INFU’ed me and we stopped talking. The web page is all advice on how to treat an INFJ in a relationship. It says we’re fragile and need to be treated with care. Odd that she would send me this then crush the lump in my throat she gave me. I thought INFJ’s were nice to each other. The dating bible said they would be!

infj(Well that’s terribly depressing)

Several Craigslist Jobs: I actually have a job now so I can probably delete these, especially since the companies have most likely gone belly-up by now. One of the jobs is “Corporate Front Desk Receptionist.” Can you imagine me greeting people? Another job is for a Huffington Post Fellowship. I emailed them and they must have been INFJ’s because I never heard back.

An Article About Pablo Sandoval’s Weight: I originally saved this for my fantasy baseball related blog. You don’t have to read it. I just want to brag that it was actually on some list of the Top 50 baseball blogs by fans. This is all based on page views and I really don’t get that many page views. That’s pretty pathetic for whoever finished just behind me at number 43.

pablo sandoval eating(Pablo Sandoval eating breakfast)

Things About Query Literary Agents: I only sent out a small handful of queries to literary agents. I got frustrated because they all wanted something different so I stopped. I’m probably going to need to save a dying baby or be involved in a nationally known trial to ever get a book deal anyway. I think I would go to prison if it meant people would read about my life. It’s worth being a bitch.


kids-dancing-hook(No relation to Pablo Sandoval)

Articles About Women Being Mean: I alternate between three or four friends complaining about women. Sometimes they will send me scientific backing to prove that the soul of a woman was created below. Is there really any doubt to it? INFJ girl said she would text me after she got done getting frozen yogurt and she ignored me for the rest of our lives!

Daily Exercises: I had no clue that these were saved in there. I think that tells you how often I do wall slides or morning hip opener stretches.

wall slide(What they fail to tell you is that you do this with a shirt on that it leaves a big stain on the white wall)

2013 Maxim’s Hottest Women: Part of this is understandable why I would want this handy (no pun intended) and the other half is for very important research. I’m kidding. There’s nothing safe about why this is on my favorites other than maybe a reference point.

Something Called “How To Prevent Groin Injuries”: I don’t remember reading this. I do have a slight groin pull. It could have something to do with the 2013 Maxim’s Hottest Women. Who knows? They’re pretty close to each other on my list of bookmarks.

What are some oddities on your online favorites?

  1. Addie says:

    With my defection to the Apple Orchard, I no longer have a Favorites List. Or, if it’s available, I don’t know where it can be found.

    When I had one, mine were usually filled with articles about bi-polar stuff, articles I thought I had to read or my life would end, recipes, websites for places that delivered–that sort of thing. Oh, and an exercise site. Yeah, never did those, either.

  2. Once again, a deeply troubling and disturbing look into the inside of your head… thanks?

  3. The Waiting says:

    “I’m probably going to need to save a dying baby or be involved in a nationally known trial to ever get a book deal anyway.” YES.

    In my favorites, I have an article I read awhile back about this women who alleges that her son was accosted by a redneck guy in a Walmart for wearing a pink ribbon. The post went viral, and it eventually came out that the woman is a chronic pathological liar, so the whole account is likely untrue. This makes me mad because when I originally read the article, I felt so bad for her and her son. I don’t like being duped.

  4. Seb says:

    I was an INFJ once. Then I decided to become an INTJ – that’s where the real money is!

  5. INFJ women are supposed to be mean? Hmm…well that explains some of the days.

    I just checked my bookmark and the weirdest thing right there is the 20 things you didn’t know about hair article. But that’s not really weird.

    • Mooselicker says:

      What’s one of the 20 things you didn’t know about hair?

      I don’t think INFJ women are supposed to be mean, but they are. The more time that goes by the more I hate that girl.

      • “Oily hair absorbs the air pollutant ozone seven times more than clean hair, according to environmental engineers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. ”

        Therefore, the solution to climate change is not washing our hair. Simple and free. Perfect.

        Women shouldn’t lead men on if they don’t really want anything to do with the other, and vice versa. But we still do it anyway. No wonder we’re doomed to feed on each other someday. Eeck. Are you always an INFJ? I’m only INFJ most of the time in these online tests but not always. Those things are so inconsistent. No, I am haha.

      • Mooselicker says:

        Isn’t an INFJ ever changing and sometimes adapts to their surroundings? That’s how I am at least.

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