Forgive me blog readers for I have sinned. It has been 9 days since my last blog post. That’s an estimation and kind of depends on interpretation. It’s been over a week though. I guess you can say my absence is because like Shawn Michaels, I have lost my smile.

I’m not handing over my world title. I’m not going to retire. I’m not going to stop blogging. I have too many things already written anyway. For now though I have very little interest in blogging. It’s not something I really think about even anymore. That’s not to say I have given up my dreams of becoming a writer. I may not be as focused on certain writing aspects in my life as I would like, but I am still writing as much as I can, which is not as much as I would like.

For now I will probably be blogging less frequently. I no longer get the same, if any, satisfaction out of it that I once did. That’s not to say I’m not happy. I’m probably the most gleeful I have been in a long time. So in your face, or something.

I am a week away from turning 26 and saying no is easy for me now. Well, I don’t really say no. I more bite my lip, tilt my head, shrug, and then say “Ya know, I’d rather not.” I’m fine without simple pleasures. I’m comfortable accepting every role I have in life. I know my value. Some things in life will never go my way. Some people will never be dependable. Things that used to make me sad just make me say “meh” because that’s the way it is and I didn’t see it coming. I give an “all righty then” and continue to move along through life.

So really what I’m saying is don’t expect me around as often, but expect me around. I have no real reason to slow up on blogging other than I just don’t like as much anymore. I would go further into it, but that’s a lost battle not worth dancing into.

Gold-Dress-dancing(Not sure if there is anyone on the planet with less sex appeal than Taylor Swift. My uncle who always has car grease on his hands…maybe)

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Gotta do what makes you smile…see you when you blog…and *coughgoredwimgscough*

  2. I would have said something sensible or funny or sweet, but Taylor Swift ruined it for me. Maybe you did since you put her there. So whatever unexpressed affection I have for you is all your fault.

  3. Lily says:

    Gahh I’m kind of in the same boat. At least, I was this summer. It’s just so hard. At least you have a reason–new job, taking care of poodles, etc. Me? I’m still doing nothing and don’t feel like blogging.

  4. You are leaving a weirdly shaped hole in my life…

  5. thehobbler says:

    The nice thing about blogging is you can take it or leave it without ruining anyone’s life. Except mine. Please don’t go. You have so much blogging to live for. Think of the children… 😉

    Hope you enjoy reality Moose. By the way, some of the stuff you said in this post is really profound. Not joking at all now. I’ve already re-read the stuff about life’s disappointments, and your acceptance several times. “All righty then” needs to be my new motto.

  6. SingingTuna says:

    Oh, gosh. Aging takes it toll, hunh?
    Follow your bliss. Everything else sucks.
    I’ll miss you, though, when you aren’t here.

    A while back you said something to me about my not being around and I think I just gave a silly answer. But the truth is that nearly everything gets to be less exciting/rewarding after a while. I disappear from WP for lots of reasons but the one that happens most often is that OTHER things are more interesting/more important, etc., than blog posting. What keeps me coming back is not only my desire to be read (LOVE writing!!) but also my connection to the people I think of as cyber-friends. That may or may not be your experience with this. If it is, I hope you think of me as a cyber-friend and that you don’t evaporate entirely.

    Birthday! Wooohooo!!!

    Who’s Shawn Michaels? Nah. It’s OK. I’ll go look. Wouldn’t want to make you work so close to your birthday.

    Don’t worry about visiting me. For a little while I’ll be posting a lot about my new kittens. Not everyone enjoys that kind of thing. Oh, wait. You spend your days writing with dogs, yes? Kittens shouldn’t bother you. Still, I’ll understand if you don’t stop in.

    But I did post about Maslow today. LOL…nothing like a little existential yammering to draw the crowds.

    ::drops a guilt-bomb and runs like the wind::

    • Mooselicker says:

      New kittens? I love cats. A little too allergic though. I’ll stop by when I can. I saw a read a few posts through the email on my phone. Stupid work computer doesn’t load WordPress well. We’ll always keep in touch. And thanks for the Yahoo comments!

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