Fantasy baseball is long over and fantasy football will soon join. How will competitive gambling addict deniers continue to get their fix of betting? I have developed an easy game.

The game is Fantasy Falls. You don’t have to know anything about sports to play either. The way it works is you select the total points based on the point system I have created. At the end of the winter whoever is closest wins absolutely nothing because this is not a real game. Oh and I should mention the game centers around how many times I will fall in public this winter while slipping on ice.


Not even winter, I have already slipped on ice once. I nearly did it again today only feet from my front door. Since I no longer have a car and do walk a lot, there chances of me falling are frequent.

Here is how the point system works out:

1 Point for falling on the way to work

1 Point for falling on the way home from work

1 Point for falling while on the New York side of my commute (less likely so you get a bonus)

1 Point for each body park that touches the ground when I fall

3 Points for every damaged item from the fall

3 Points if someone says something to me

5 Points if medical attention is needed

10 Points if serious medical attention is needed

For my first fall it was on my way to work (1 Point) and my right hand and right knee hit the ground (2 Points). I did drop my umbrella, but no damage was done. No medical attention was needed and there was nothing damaged, including my pants. Nobody said anything either because people are mean and don’t speak good English. So far the total is 3 Points.

Where will it end?

snow(A scene from my walk home today. Nearly fell on my first step outside the building at work)

  1. Three points. You’re on your way, Moose! I’m a pro at falling in ice and snow. I like your points system. How many points would I have earned when I walked out of the pizza shop with a large pie in hand, and I slipped and fell on the ice? Please note for extra points: I did not drop the pie. I landed on my rump. The pizza shop workers saw it happen and laughed at me. No one came to help. My husband saw me drop out of sight and simply waited in the warm truck to see if I got up.

    • Mooselicker says:

      You have to factor in how likely it was for you to fall. The pizza not being damaged is good as far as a lesser score though. A damaged pizza, or any damaged delicious food, should be like 50 points.

  2. You’re just wishing some knight in tight T-shirt with huge biceps will rescue you for all we know. :3

  3. Cafe says:

    LOL omigosh please be careful, Tim!! You don’t wanna win at this game =P

    Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Do you get some time off? Any plans? Seeing family and friends? Hope you stay warm (and safe) 🙂

    • Mooselicker says:

      Thanks Janice, for the Christmas wishes and hoping I don’t fall. I started wearing boots on extra snowy days. All it means is my feet hurt more. I’m so old 😛

      Merry Christmas to you too! I have off a bunch of days and I’ll be paid for them. A warm and safe holiday season to you and yours.

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