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Posted: December 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As if I’m not already taking up too much of my time chasing an impossible dream, I began writing for a new website. This new task has taken away from working on other projects, but from what I have learned in the last year, writing seriously has a much bigger benefit in the long run than trying to make people laugh does. In fact, making people laugh is pretty much a waste of time. Why put so much effort into something a feather to a foot can?

Anyway, the new site I’m contributing for is called Call to the Pen. For those unfamiliar with baseball, it’s a slang term for–I’m not going to even bother. To view my articles exclusively I will redirect you to my other baseball site I write by myself and the page I have dedicated to this new site. I figure, if you are interested enough to click on one link, you will probably click on a second.

You can find what I have written so far here on this really long string of words that for some reason I thought should all be part of the link.

That’s it. Just wanted to share this little piece of nonsense.

I’m also spending New Year’s with a sexy lady.

Niu Niu Timmy

No, not here. She’s only my number two and three.

  1. You cannot take funny from your bone if you want to. Remember that supposed-to-be-horror story where you made the scary guy pick his own nose? Or when you dated a poop?

    Happy Holidays too! It’s been a while since we last corresponded formally. That meant one with no removal of trousers.

  2. Addie says:

    I am going to read now. I look forward to becoming both educated and amused.

    Don’t fail me.

  3. Addie says:

    Did I ever tell you Henry ‘Zeke’ Bonura was my cousin?

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