Spec Scripts

A spec script is something written by any idiot who watches a TV show. It’s basically Fan Fiction with less sex. Here are a few things I wrote that are very out of date by now.

Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad Thanksgiving Scene by Tim Boyle (A short scene to take place in the final season, contains spoilers)


Community-End of the World Survival Skills and Party Planning (2) (Jeff is convinced the world is coming to an end while the rest of the Study Group attends a pool party at Annie’s grandmother’s house)

Community-Talent Show (Jeff helps Shirley for her performance in the talent show, Abed tries to capture a yeti and gets into a war with Troy over proper movie spoilers etiquette, Annie and Britta war over a guy at the gym, Pierce gets a finger stuck up his nose. This was the first successful spec script I ever wrote)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-Mac and Charlie Find a Time Machine (Mac and Charlie think they find a time machine while Dennis and Dee argue over whether or not the pants Dennis wears are made for girls)

Modern Family:

Modern Family-Party Planning by Tim Boyle (Claire suspects Haley of being overly promiscuous, Phil gets mistaken for a racist while caring for a friend’s dog, Jay thinks about getting hair replacement surgery, Mitchell and Cameron fight over whose collection gets to go up on a shelf)

Modern Family-Unwanted Guests by Tim Boyle (Manny’s cousin comes to visit and he gets on Jay’s nerves, Haley falls for a grifter, Phil is mistaken for an escaped criminal, Claire cannot get a maintenance man to leave the house, Cameron and Mitchell dress as military men to get a soldier’s discount)

  1. Carter says:

    Hahaha “fan fiction with less sex.” So true. Probably also less likely to find you a cult internet following

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