The Gimp Gatsby

The Gimp Gatsby

Set during the roaring 1920s, The Gimp Gatsby explores the world of bootlegging, jazz music, and badass Kung Fu Samurai sword fights while shedding some light on the sometimes forgotten fetish of dressing up as a gimp.

“Ugly” Nick Crandall has been invited over to his estranged cousin Daisy and her husband gangster Tommy Scarpelli’s home for dinner. It’s at this dinner he meets a mob boss’s wife, Mia Baker. Tommy tells ugly Nick that Mia’s husband, the most notorious gangster in all of New York Marcellus “Carface” Wilson, needs someone to take her out for the evening while Carface is out of town. Ugly Nick quickly falls for the mob wife as she is like no other woman he has ever met before, she can actually read.

Soon after, Ugly Nick has his first encounter with his longtime neighbor, Reginald Gatsby. To many Gatsby is seen as nothing more than an eccentric millionaire who throws wild parties and sleeps with all of the women he can. Everything is not as it seems though, as Ugly Nick soon discovers Gatsby has plenty of secrets and a cuckoo clock filled with guns.

Full of violence, gangsters, armies of trained assassins, and other things commonly associated with the 1920s, this pulp fiction tells the tale of one idiot trying to navigate his way through a love triangle between his cousin, her husband, and his millionaire neighbor all the while trying to impress Mia who wants nothing to do with him.

Not for the faint of heart, easily offended, or lame; The Gimp Gatsby tells a false history of ridiculousness while weaving in satire and pop culture references about modern society.

the gimp gatsby cover

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