My Web Series: Stick Prison


Stick Prison, a comedic and violent depiction of what prison life is like for Stick Figures.

Episode 1: Episode Description: Harvey Klein enters Stick Prison eager to make some new friends. Nobody seems to want him around and it appears violence might be the only way to get what he wants.

Episode 2: Episode Description: Harvey is sent to the Vice Warden’s office to receive his punishment for murdering two inmates. He gets a new cellmate and learns there’s one word you never say in prison.

stabbing gif smaller

  1. Linda Vernon says:

    LOL!! I don’t know how you do it but the stick figures have so much expression. And good comedic timing. Just Brilliant. Ok, now I’m going to have to go buy your book!

  2. robpixaday says:

    You made this?!!!! Genius!
    ::climbs onto the keyboard and applauds wildly::

    And I like how you have it twinkling in the widgets.

  3. The Hook says:

    Hilarious concept!

  4. I interviewed a woman on the brinks of losing her mind and this is what she had to say.

    I just hope that God helps me somehow because all my life I have been a true and faithful Christian. I was once very smart but quiet. I have never been able to have friends and don’t know how to join in on hurting people or manipulate other people to hurt others for profit. Truth is I don’t like being evil but it seems like everyone else profits from doing a lot of wicked things to me and then making me look evil. Everybody I help just walks all over me to get to the top. Sad thing is that they do get to the top. Right now most of their power comes from using itching powder on me to keep me weak while they hurt and hurt me. For example, I tried to help someone for years but I think this last person is sick so all of her delusions made me look like I was the one she kept telling people bad things about. Everyone else either made fun of her by encouraging her or just left her. I finally asked her to stop asking me for help and she ended the friendship. She probably will be back. I tried to get everyone else abusing me to lay off or I stayed away but evil never rest like I said people seem to profit from abusing me and making me look bad. Talking about itching powder is still a no on I guess and not having it doesn’t help me either. You can find used sex paraphernalia on the street and all kinds of things in the garbage on the street but not that not a sign of any of it anywhere. So I know me mentioning it make me off the list of people who can be normal and so the torture continues and gets worst. I wish the world was nice and psychology was based more on science and not hear say because the evil mob of associates can make anyone sick or tell doctors that anyone they don’t like and or is abusing is sick and that is what I was trying to help stop but I cannot even help myself so how far will any of this go. I have never had a true friend but I guess if someone is willing to listen to you sometimes when you have problems then that is a true friend. They have to do whatever they have to do to survive in a world where evil wins and if I don’t know how to survive then I will never know who is friend and who is foe and I will always be just another scapegoat ladder and a joke. My mom died when I was three and I think she loved me and I know God loves me too.

  5. Hahahahow did you do this?! It’s amazing how you can make these guys move at all. And in perfect timing with the dialogue, too. Beats me. And the voice acting! Hahaha you would do great on radio Tim, really! The dialogue is badass. And Harvey IS scary. A psychopath with no emotions (besides wanting to have friends, is that an emotion?) That is scary. It gives me a weird satisfaction that he doesn’t know how to whistle though and I can do it well. Bwahaha! Will he get a new roommate? Time to watch the second part.

    PS. I hate myself for reading that last comment. Itching powder! *facepalms*

    • Mooselicker says:

      I wrote a script, downloaded Windows MovieMaker, downloaded a program called Stykz which is really easy to use, and I spent probably 40 hours in one week doing nothing but this. Really, the first episode probably took me at least 40 hours of work. The second was easier because I could reuse images. It’s rather easy once the image is built. The hard part is matching up the images to the dialogue. Some of the voices are hard to do too. One of them I choke myself to do. I’m glad you liked it. Someone else has been bugging me to do the third episode. Maybe this week I’ll do some more work on it. We’ll see. I still need to work on other stuff.

      • 40 hours? Wow. Well the hard work obviously paid off. And DO made a third part when you have the time. Really, it’s a riot laughtrip. And it’s funnier to “hear” your jokes than just reading them. “One of them I choke myself to do.” HAHAHAHA! Seriously, you deserve more than a “Like” for this! 😀 😀

      • Mooselicker says:

        Thanks you! It means a lot. Imagine what I could do with a $5,000 budget and some help.

      • YEAH. :/ Hope you get that chance someday, I really do.

        (And when you do, I’ll send my application as a voice actor. I love doing stuff like these myself, haha)

      • Mooselicker says:

        First thing I’m going to do when I become a success is hire everyone I know. Then everybody will see I’m horrible to work with. Ask Lily. She hates me.

  6. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is obnoxiously funny–just like Happy Tree Friends but funnier! And I love the new roommate. It just keeps getting funnier! High five! 😀

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