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Posted: August 24, 2011 in August 2011
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I have returned to blogging. Not because I enjoy it, no. Because two people mentioned that they read my blog and missed it. Maybe missing it isn’t the right way to phrase this. It was more of a reaction if you find out someone that leant you a pencil in high school had died. You think, “Shit, that could have been me. What if I had decided to return their pencil that same day they caught cancer. Damn it.” It was that kind.

If you’re curious my blog stopped it’s because my neighbors wised up and blocked me from stealing their Internet. They changed their WiFi name to “Can’t Hack My Wifi” which tempted me to get my own home Internet access for the lone purpose of naming mine “I Just Did Bitch.” Now I’m nervous that they saw everything I had searched for online. I didn’t look up anything too risqué out of respect.

But for now, I will update this as often as I can. I’m having difficulty writing anything new outside of blogging and this is my outlet until an idea pops in my head. Enjoy!