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Great things come in pairs. Breasts, testicles, the Sprouse twins, double vision, buy one get one free strawberries, conjoined twins, pears, clones, double penetration, shooters who killed JFK, and shoes.

Recently two wonderful bloggers contributed blog love toward me. They are more Internet famously known as ‘Ard Pete and BroJo.

Pete was kind enough to review my first ever big time best-selling (okay I’m lying) novel Satan: Little League Superstar. You can find Pete’s awesome review here Pete’s Totally ‘Ard Review of Satan: Little League Superstar.

BroJo on the other hand wanted to get to know me. He wanted to dig deep into my soul and find out what makes me tick. He asked the hard-hitting questions that few men would dare to ask. Read the interview I did with him here BroJo’s Totally ‘Ard Interview with Mooselicker.

Thank you both for making me feel special. Now here’s a picture of Katy Perry’s pair so people from Facebook will be more likely to click on the link.