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Rather than create new material I went through my computer’s recycle bin to find old deleted videos. These videos were deleted because they contain failed acting performances by me. I had hoped I had more than I realized some of my other failed acting performances took place last March. A lot changes in a year. We lose sight of what’s important. We have an endless amount of mistakes we have made. We also empty our computer’s recycle bin because we enjoy the sound of glass breaking.

Anyway, here’s a video that shows how bad of an actor I am. These aren’t even all of the takes (that’s movie lingo for attempts) it took me to finally get it right. I present to you the return of Hank Stromboli! This time failing miserably. Keep in mind these are in order that they were filmed. You can notice how I go from laughing when I screw up to violently cursing. I think I have better cursing angry videos. I’ll get to those later on.

If you missed the full Hank Stromboli video you can click here to see it: Alter Egos

Do you hate reading? Boy do I know I do! Here is another short video I created. This was before I downloaded my editing program so I had to whip out my acting chops which are nowhere to be found. It took me 40 minutes to get through the first 40 seconds and when I finally did I decided to just go with it. My apologies for being such a bad actor. If I can be such a man about admitting my weaknesses as an actor then what’s Mark Wahlberg’s deal? Admit it Marky Mark, you suck.

The video is about my Alter Ego, a pretentious author. When you run into enough “talented” people you will meet people like the fellow I portray in this film. Before you call me a hypocrite remember, at least I don’t have my name written in block lettering across my refrigerator. Enjoy.

*Special Note: I’m not wearing pants in this video. They were causing me to stumble so I removed them. You can now say you saw me panstless and peacefully blow out your brains.

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