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There are some actors whose art has been overlooked. They have talent and more importantly range. The actor with the most range, Ben Stiller.

I don’t know if he deserves an Academy Award, Oscar, or BAFTA; what I do know is that he deserves some acknowledgement. I’ve managed to compile some video clips trying to do my best to represent this brilliant actor. You may need to see the entire film to get the full effect, but hopefully this is good enough.

Lets take a look at the life and acting range of one of the most talent actors since 1997, Ben Stiller.

Here is a clip from him in the movie Heavyweights. Wow, wouldn’t want to mess with this guy! He’s mean and silly, possibly gay. A once in a lifetime role.

Now here is a clip of Ben Stiller in the film Dodgeball. Check out the comedy chops on this guy. He says strange things with a funny tough guy voice. I can’t see this character crossing over into any other film.

Ben Stiller doesn’t always play a bad guy, no, sometimes he plays a quirky guy where everything goes wrong for him! Take this scene from Along Came Polly. I would venture to guess that this film was based on a true story. Can’t write a character like this!

Here’s a chance to check out Ben Stiller in a little bit of a different role. He played the loveable goof in the film Meet the Parents which spawned two sequels. I remember when this first came out. Critics didn’t think he could pull off being the zany guy in an uncomfortable situation, but he did!

Remember There’s Something About Mary? That’s right, Ben Stiller played the goofball who had trouble getting the girl in this one. Things turned out though as they tend not to in Ben Stiller’s films.

Finally for your viewing pleasure, Ben Stiller being a reluctant conformist who is a bit of a pussy in the film Mystery Men. He plays a super hero so that’s different than all of his other movies, right?

What kind of character will Ben Stiller be next? Maybe he’ll be a shy, awkward man who seems to be followed by disaster. Or better yet, maybe he’ll reprise the role of a villain with a bit of a twist, a cocky guy who wobbles his head a lot. I know I can’t wait.