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Posted: August 30, 2011 in August 2011
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Since when did the word Diversity mean tall, slender, lesbian, Asian woman with a blue mustache? Diversity means weird and unusual now? It seems like everywhere I turn I’m being told about diversity. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Everyone should get an equal opportunity. But what diversity has become recently is an evil demon.

I skipped Diversity Day when I was in middle school. It had nothing to do with diversity. Fat kids just take off a lot of school. Usually Mondays. That was my day to fake sick. My sophomore year of high school I used up every day I could take stay home and it was always on a Monday. It was a brilliant scheme that I will sue you if you try. Having a Diversity Day in my school was silly though. We had maybe 10% black kids, 4% Asian, and even less than that percent whatever other nationalities there are. Point being, it was mostly all white kids. The only thing Diverse about us was if we’d pay for our lunch with cash or a credit card. HaHaHa but seriously folks, we were all the same dumb middle class children.

I’m trying to enter a writing contest that comes around at the beginning of next year. They want diverse people. Why I ask? Why should diversity matter with a specific skill or in my case, delusional hope? When I think of a room full of diverse writers, I think of a room of William Shakespeare, Edgar Alan Poe, and Tom Clancy. They all bring something different to the table yet they are all white. They are extremely diverse. Maybe using Willy and Poe wasn’t that great of a point as they do have a bit of a similarity, but the point is that they all look enough alike and yet are still, the key word here, diverse.

Now the contest is looking for diverse people. Could they mean that it’s possible for 10 white dudes to win? Not a chance in hell. I’ve looked at past winners of this contest and of others. They usually accept around 10 applicants and do you know what I found out about these people? 2 black women, 2 Asian women, 2 Asian men, 2 black men, a something or other, and 1 white guy. ONE! This was the most diverse group I found too. I’ve found some that exclude white people all together. It’s Jim Crowe’s laws in reverse. Crowe Jim Laws which doesn’t sound as neat and more like a demand for Jim to do animal noises. Back to my point which has turned more into a prod with a stick, the word diversity has become ugly. Now it means get as many non-white people into your program as possible to show that you are indeed diverse. I think it’s fair for everyone to have a fair chance but to then make it that only 1 of every group gets in doesn’t seem right. Imagine if we did that with other jobs. Think about your job if there was 1 Spanish person, 1 black person, 1 Jewish person, 1 Indian person, and so on. It’d be like the cast of a television show and we don’t live on television, we live through it. I also think that most shows are cast this way so it’s easier for people to tell characters apart. Think about any war movie. If you liked it then chances are you could tell everybody apart. Example: Saving Private Ryan. All of the characters looked completely different from each other. They had a Barry Pepper nose, a Tom Sizemore stomach, or a Vin Diesel Down Syndrome smirk. Then there’s Black Hawk down where you can’t tell one skinny white guy from the next. That’s a time where this new wave of diversity would have come in handy. Cast a 6’8 Indian woman as a Somali General. So what if it’s inaccurate? We’re all too stupid to realize anyway.

Diversity is unnatural. Look anywhere that a group of diverse people are. They assimilate with their “own kind.” Chinatowns, Little Italy’s, even in high school cafeterias children even know to sit with people that are like them. I’m not saying diversity is a bad thing. What we do with it is what really bugs me. And just because it’s not natural doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still do it. It’s unnatural to be nice to each other and share food with strangers and yet we still do. We’re only about 4,000 years from really civilizing ourselves to a degree. We still have a lot of progress.

Putting a label on anything isn’t a good idea. When you say someone gets hired because they’re a certain color isn’t any different than not hiring them for the same reason. I know minorities have had it rough in the past. But the past is the past. Barely anyone in this country will ever meet someone that was a slave. And if they do meet them, it was far away in a place that you had to be driven to with a cape over your head. I don’t think it’s important that you put a group of diverse people into a room. Instead I think we should teach ourselves to be diverse individuals. Have different interests and talk to people from different backgrounds. That’s what makes you diverse.