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New York Laws

Posted: August 25, 2011 in August 2011
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American laws are silly. The silliest are in New York. It’s legal for one man to marry another man in that state. Yet still it is illegal for one man to have an organized fight inside of a steel cage with another man under the supervision of the UFC. Does this not make sense to anyone else?

Two men can kiss in public. They can stay together forever and have good times. But when things go bad, they have no way to settle it. They can only cry and slap each other. They can’t do what real men do, strip down to their underwear and fight for a gold belt. This doesn’t seem fair.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have heard that New York recently made gay marriage legal. If you’ve been living under a cock, I’m sure you heard and have since added to your fortress of male genitalia. I have no opinion on gay marriage. I won’t get involved either way.

There are two sides to the argument about it.

Side 1) It’s not in the Bible. Counterargument 1) Neither are dinosaurs.

Then we flip things over.

Side 2) Everyone has the right to be married. Counterargument 2) The right? You don’t have the right to do anything. Marriage is a religious foundation and the church (as much as they suck balls) can make whatever rules they want. The only time the church really needs to piss off is when they say that you can’t be together. That’s when they cross the line. If being married is the only thing that will make your relationship feel whole then you’re probably not that in love anyway.

It’s silly to think that in this day and age it’s more legal to have another dick in your mouth than a cigarette in Central Park. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, but I can understand a person wanting to fill a void in their life.

So why is it that gay marriage is legal and UFC isn’t? I’m not a fan of UFC keep in mind. I’m more into the fake wrestling, WWE which is perfectly legal in New York City. I’m assuming it’s because it’s closer to theater than an actual sport. The gays love theater. They love shirtless strong men too. What I propose is that the UFC become more theatrical. Add in a few musical numbers between rounds or maybe get the cast of Lion King to be the judges. Can you believe that movie is almost 20 years old? Shit you feel old now.