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I have written over 500 blog posts here and never once did WordPress honor me by having fair-weathered WordPress users leave me a bunch of phony comments in hopes it would boost their own followers and hits. I have written 73 articles for Yahoo Voices and finally, I received the honors equivalent to Freshly Pressed.

yahoo voices featured


Can you read that? I’m not sure. The font looks really small to me plus I have bad eyesight, don’t I beautiful? Yes I’m bragging. I’m bragging because I have already earned 20 cents from being on the front page of Yahoo Voices. Did you know most people skip right over regular Yahoo and go straight to Yahoo Voices? It’s a very popular site and I am being sarcastic.

Still, it’s cool, ya know. It’s only a shame that I wrote this article 3 months ago and parts of it are already outdated. I just wanted to take a moment to brag that although the WordPress Illuminati may not like me, Yahoo does. They give me money for this crap. Why aren’t you writing for Yahoo Voices you dope? See how I turned this from bragging into motivating you? I so smart.

Here’s the link to the actual home page so you can click on it and say “Oh, I see this is true.”

Yahoo Voices