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I was talking to someone the other day and he said how he was invited to a sex party when he was over in Germany. It’s a shame too because I thought he was a cool guy and now I have to hate him. I mean, even if I was invited to a sex party I would probably not go. I guess it depends who invites me, where I am, how my self-esteem is, and how much I’d get paid for my appearance. Things like getting invited to a sex party though never happen to me in real life. Just the invitation alone would make me happy. The idea that some stranger looks at me and says, “You know where he’d fit right in at? A sex party. Not even an orgy. He’s too cool for an orgy. A sex party is what this guy needs to be at. The sex party, unlike the orgy, is as much about personality as it is getting down to the deed. This guy has it. I think I’ll give him an invite.”

Normally when people invite me places I think it’s because they feel required to or as if I will not show up anyway. Sometimes I’ll RSVP and not show up. They’ll ask me where I was and then I’ll cease contact and for the rest of their lives they’ll be left wondering what they did wrong. Everything! Other times I’ll not RSVP then show up. This can be a problem at formal events when they need a head count for things like chairs or pudding cups. The point I am trying to make is, fuck that guy for having such a wonderful life compared to mine. Not only does he get to go on vacations to foreign countries, he actually wants to. Traveling annoys me so much. Where does he get this lust for life from? I don’t even like going to the corner store because I’m afraid they gossip about me. And when this guy does go to these foreign lands, he doesn’t just see the sights. He sits down and strange German men come up to him and are like, “Hey, wanna go to a sex party?” He gets invited to the two most overrated things there are out there combined into one which makes it a whole lot cooler.

My life is different from that though. My life is more like the series of comics I have been creating all this week which now has its own page on my blog and you can view it by clicking on the picture below. Yeah. That’s all I really wanted to say. I’ll be updating it frequently and will bother you sparingly.

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I spent a good portion of yesterday doing things most people don’t normally do on Memorial Day. I didn’t barbecue, I didn’t salute a flag, and the best thing I ate was probably a plain tortilla out of a bag. Instead of conforming to the American Way, I decided to start doing my own comic strip. It’s very simple to do and feeds a creative need to tell a story and get it out there for everyone to see. I’ll probably do a few every week since they’re real simple to do and I enjoy them. Ignore the extra space since I’m cropping these in Paint so you don’t have to click a thousand links. The serious is called Held Back, based partially on something else I wrote but not really.

Held Back: Homecoming Date Part 1 & Part 2

homecoming p1 edited

homecoming p2 edited

Held Back: No Running in the Hall

no running in the hall edited

Held Back: The Faculty Bathroom

faculty bathroom edited

Held Back: Trip to the Art Museum

art museum trip

Held Back: Guess Who I Am

guess who i am edited

Held Back: The Joy of Babysitting

joy of babysitting edited

Held Back: Holiday Plans

holiday plans

Held Back: The Old Cynic

old cynic edited

Held Back: My First Time

first time edited

As already stated, I’ll post anything new I create up on here every so often. For access to the website or to be current and see them before anyone else you can visit my profile and have at it.