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Phalse Philly Sports: Philadelphia sports satire

It’s the same old story. The weather gets colder and I decide to work on a new project. It happens every year. This time around I decided to finally activate something I had planned to do ever since the radio show I submitted to told me I was a cocksucker and not to waste their time. They said this by not making me a finalist, so I will not quote them on that cocksucker remark.

I started a new sports blog that you have no interest in reading. I don’t even blame you for not reading it since it’s mostly inside jokes to the Philadelphia sports world/media. You’re still of course free to check it out and how secretly clever I think it is. Click on A.I.’s face to get there!


Oh and of course you can always check out what I’ve been writing on Yahoo. I’ve finally surpassed $100 there too which is nice because money buys things and things are good to have. You can get to those by clicking the below picture of Chi McBride with his family.


My second video for the 97.5 The Fanatic Dream Job application is up on their site. This one I did with a partner, Carter “Wild Thing” Johns. I would appreciate Likes and comments. It will surely make me happier after finding out that I’m a shitty writer who can’t come up with a television show better than Law Show. You can read my last blog post for more on that.

Here’s the link to my duo video

You probably won’t understand anything in it unless you follow Philadelphia sports, but it’s a poorly animated cartoon so I guess maybe do some drugs then watch it. I don’t know. It works for Cartoon Network.

Also you can still comment or Like my single video. Do both.

Thank you and that’s all you have to read. I will find out if I am a finalist in another week and you will never have to hear about this ever again if I don’t make it.

tim and carter