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I haven’t bothered you with any crappy spec scripts I’ve written in a while, mostly because I still had hope I could do something with them. Unfortunately I am what feels like a decade behind on any television show and everything I had written was out of date. For the sake of not wanting any of these to go to waste, here are three spec scripts. One is from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and two are from Modern Family. As I said, they are pretty outdated so ignore any of those aspects if you happen to read through them. You can check out other things I have written here: Spec Scripts

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Mac and Charlie Find a Time Machine

While Dennis and Dee argue of the legitimacy of Dennis’s pants being made for males, Mac and Charlie enter the bar dressed in knight’s armor insisting they have found a time machine. They haven’t so don’t think this is some wacky metaphysical adventures. This takes place in a more realistic universe than the title may suggest. I probably wrote this 2 years ago. Chris where has the time gone?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-Mac and Charlie Find a Time Machine

Modern Family – Party Planning (aka I am terrible at naming things for Modern Family because they have no clever formula)

Claire is suspicious that Haley might be having too much sex (I think, I haven’t read over what I wrote in a really long time). Phil takes care of a coworker’s dog and is mistaken as a racist by the black mailman. Jay contemplates on getting hair transplant surgery. Mitchell and Cameron fight over whose collection gets to go up on their hutch, Mitchell’s wrestling action figures or Cameron’s pig paraphernalia.

Modern Family-Party Planning by Tim Boyle

Modern Family – Unwanted Guests (aka see above)

Manny’s cousin who he looks up to comes to visit and it makes Jay feel inadequate. Claire has trouble getting a locksmith to leave her home. Phil is mistaken for an escaped convict who looks exactly like him. Haley falls for a grifter. Mitchell and Cameron dress up as soldiers to get a military discount at a hardware store.

Modern Family-Unwanted Guests by Tim Boyle

So that’s it. Read what you want. I’m sure you’ll be terribly confused if you aren’t familiar enough with the characters.



(Barkley the Dog Butler, the best character from Modern Family)