The Internet is “abuzzfeed” with sites posting inspirational pictures. I decided do the same. These pictures will restore your faith in mankind. Actually, it’s pretty offensive at times.

1. This woman who made the rest of us feel more useful to the world

paris hilton dog

2. This retarded girl who was allowed to perform on television

miley cyrus vma

3. This mom who helped her daughter meet Jesus


4. This sweetheart not letting her right to freedom of speech go to waste; or is it a guy?


5. This man who helped prove the flawed judicial system


6. These boys who showed us what BFFL really means

trench coat mafia

7. This doctor who always gave his patients what they wanted


8. This man who had a dream and did something about it


And this man who had a different dream and did something about it…


9. This leader who gave us hope…

Barack Obama

And then taught us that we should never get out hopes up

10. This athlete who overcame covering up a murder to become a champion


11. And this quarterback who helped to control the pet population


12. This director who makes inspirational timeless and needed films


13. This cannibal who made sure to recycle human life


14. This monster who overcame being a mean skeleton to find a place that accepted her ideas


15. This place that never crushes anyone’s dreams


16. This scientist who brought logic back to society


17. This college dweeb who helped us learn how much we hate other people


18. This go-getter who made getting the mail exciting


19. This cat that smothered this girl while she slept; she would have grown up to become evil


20. And finally this parade that unified a lost country

nazi parade

Next time I will do Life Hacks. Here’s a preview.

1. Demolition team on strike? Put an American flag on the building and then call this guy!


  1. SingingTuna says:

    Yep. That did it.
    I’m inspired.

  2. I don’t know most of these people. I’m not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

  3. thehobbler says:

    Good stuff. Some of those are very profound.

  4. How can we get that cat to smother Paris and Miley?

  5. Laura4NYC says:

    Dayum, that’s a lot of different people. I agree with the first (Paris Hilton). Then I was starting to think you were anti-female but then you mentioned all the guy screw-ups so that was a relief.

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