I started “contributing” things to the Yahoo Contributor’s Network. I am not a fan of the word contribute. It’s a word teachers would use whenever they felt you were not participating. Usually when a kid doesn’t participate it’s because there is a much bigger problem. Then the teachers embarrass the kid by calling him out on his bullshit and the kid goes home and cries. Then his parents meet together at the school to figure out what’s wrong with me. The school blames my parents and my parents blame the school system. A fist fight breaks out between my dad and the principal. My mom yanks a woman’s earring out through the flesh and due to the injury the woman gets an infection. The next two years are spent trying to keep my mom out of jail for “getting caught up in the heat of the moment” which is the sleazy lawyer’s advice. Meanwhile I am in 4th grade now, friendless, and weighing 200 pounds. My dad’s living in Peru and late in the year we find out he has received a sex change operation. After a 16 month sentence, my mom ends up serving a lifetime for her actions while incarcerated. My dad remarries and eventually drowns in his own semen, according to the autopsy report. All of this because I wouldn’t contribute.

But I’m contributing now. Here are the first three things that have been put up there. Whether they interest you or not, it’s helpful if you click on the links because I get paid per visit aka I may be able to make enough to buy a nothing. I’ve already submitted things that fall under the “humor” label so that should be more interesting for you…maybe. So just click on each. It’s helpful.

Three Baseball Teams and What They Should do at the Trade Deadline

Better Than Nirvana

Catchers Are the New Shortstops

If you want to contribute to Yahoo then Google “yahoo voices” and figure it out yourself. You won’t make much money, but if it gets picked up by one of the random Yahoo sites then you can earn a pretty penny. By pretty I mean around $2.

two dollar bill(I’d hit it)

  1. SingingTuna says:

    Whoa. You’re famous. And you have “level one clout.”

    I REALLY REALLY like the one on music.
    Go look at my site, far right sidebar. Tell me if it’s something you want there (I’ll ditch it if you don’t). The feed’s easy to customize.

  2. SingingTuna says:

    Haa! Glad it worked OK.
    Wait. Clout comes from tests? I thought maybe to get to the next level you had to beat somebody up.

    By the way, I did click on on 3 articles. I also went to their home page and did a search for your name so they think you’re trending or something. The music article was super. I didn’t actually read the sports ones, though. Just left the page open long enough so they’d think someone did.
    Are you going to do TV next?

    • Mooselicker says:

      Thanks! It’s very helpful and every hit counts.

      A lot of the things I wrote are Top 5 and Top 10 lists. I read they like them and they tend to be popular. Right now most of the lists are things like Top 10 Ways My Parents Ruined My Life, Top 10 Ways to Succeed at a Job Interview, etc. I’ll probably do TV related stuff. The problem is I don’t have cable.

      You should give it a try sometime. I’ve already made 5 cents! No really. That’s a lot in some countries.

  3. SingingTuna says:

    Congrats!! 5 cents! Nothing to sneeze at.
    It’s taken me three years to earn $45 on RedBubble. If I want the money before it reaches $100 (like when I’m 70 or something and too dead to care) then they charge $5 to cut a check.

    • Mooselicker says:

      Ha. With Amazon and Smashwords book sites I can either wait until $10 and get an electronic payment or $100 and get a check. I’m not an idiot. I’ll go with electronic so I’ll see some of the money.

  4. I didn’t bother contributing to the homeless food fund the other day.

    Hope me dad’s going to okay.

  5. I want two dollars.

  6. I have contributed in my own way. I told my mother that I made $1000.05 by having sex downtown. She asked me who gave me $.05. I told her “all of them”.

  7. 1jaded1 says:

    I hit you three times…wait, that didn’t sound right…loved the music one. As far as baseball goes, I can only say go tigers.

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